Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Mini Additions To The Mini Farm

Here are the two newest additions to the Mini Farm.

The one closest is a Jack and his name is Popeye and the other one is a jenny and her name of course is Olive Oyl.
They are Mini Donkeys, it's just fittin.

I did some trading for them. The o'l boy wanted a couple of mini goats and a couple of mini chickens so I said I really didn't think so.
He then talked to the wife without me knowing it and here you go.
He might have gotten the better deal because his feed bill just went down and mine went up. Oh well, you can't win them all.    


  1. You're gonna look awful funny riding them critters to work...

  2. I would have better luck with them riding me. They are not but 27" tall.

  3. dude:

    i spent a summer on a sheep farm owned by family friends. they had two miniature donkeys and they were the funniest, noisiest, crankiest, suckiest, nastiest animals i ever met!

    you will have your hands full with those two, but will learn to love them!

    good trade!

  4. It's nice to see MDR get a little a**.

  5. Way too cute!! LOL I want one. You can teach them to pull a cart and voila, an extra hand helping you haul stuff around the farm. Big fan of minis, used to own 3 miniature horses. I was leading 2 young mares up the field one time , they spooked and drug me up the rest of the field. From my view of things it looked like one of those westerns were the guy is on the runaway stagecoach when the hitch breaks away and he ends up getting drug belly down looking up, it was awesome :)

  6. Now you need to change your blog name to "Modern Day Shrek." LMAO. ;)

  7. I just don't know what to say. They are cute.

  8. Jam, if they are that way then they would fit in nicely here.

    Yes it is and it's about time Mudbug.

    I am glad you like the drag Coley, but these will only be for the petting zoo. I might try and find a cart one day but that sounds dangerous.

    No matter what their names are Rob, they will always be "Donkey" to me.

    Good enough Flier. Thank you.

  9. oooh MDR - i just love them - they are soo super cute! you are making me want to get some. but jambaloney has some pretty funny stories about mini donkeys and he absolutely detests them...i can't understand why? they are sooo cute!

    your friend,

  10. Kymber if I had the stories he had about them then I would not want any either. Maybe you can find some real tame ones like these that I got and then you love them and squeeze them and pet them and when they are bad you can rub their hair the wrong way.

  11. Oh, you will have more stories to tell now! Get ready.

  12. Already SFG the stupid things will not let you get close to them. While they were still at the other place I could walk right up and pet them and they would lean on me while doing so, but now I can't get within 30 foot of them. I hope they get used to us so we can enjoy them.

  13. They are cute, but surely you can find a bit of work they can do!

    I always heard that animals are happiest when they have a job! Probably wasn't a donkey that told me that!

  14. I will figure something out to do with them Jim but that theory did not work with the wife. LOL