Saturday, November 5, 2011

Head Down And Focused

This Solar Bath House is eating me up. Every spare minute I have is going to it. It is not like I am in a hurry or anything, I just have a hard time leaving something unfinished.

Usually a project does not take me more than a couple of weeks once I start to build, but this one here seems like it has been going on for months now. I think it's because I am getting older. I don't move as fast as I once did and my focus has changed a little from "Got to git it done now" to "What's the hurry".

In my twenties I was able to cut free hand just by eye balling. Now I take the time to use squares, chalk lines and marks to guide my way.
I also find myself studying on a problem a little longer than before. Instead of, like in my youth, I would build it as I went now I work out every little detail before proceeding.

I do think the quality of the end product is much better now that some wisdom and knowledge has finally come into my life. As a matter of fact the wife mentioned it just today. She told me that if would have known what I know now back when I built our house on the old farm when I was just 18 years old, it would have been a palace. That made me grin.
I guess that was her way of saying she loved what I built for her back then and she also loves the way I am doing it now, maybe even a little more.

I door is made from an old fence panel beefed up some around the edges.
Oh, if you are wondering why there is no trim under the window it is because I am going to build a flower box there and if you look real close you can see I used some old fence gate hardware for the door handle and latching system.
Yes I still need to find a pane of glass for the window.

Tomorrow they are calling for rain. Now that I have a dry place to work I think I might start on the bathtub.       


  1. Once again, nice work. It will probably be finished before you know it. Maybe you are just eager to use it and that is why it seems to be taking a long time. lol


  2. The idea was to use it before winter but if we keep getting the kind of weather we have been it will not be used till spring.
    Thanks for the complement G.

  3. Measure twice, cut once. Patience might make the project take a bit longer, but the final product is likely to be better, and hold up longer.

  4. I'm on my way to use it after you and Occupy it for a month. Looks that good.

  5. i'll be there with Mudbug. we'll start a whole new "occupy" protest - bahahahahah!

    your friend,

  6. You're doing fine. Keep up the good work, don't change the way you're doing just to gain a little time.
    See Ya,

  7. Looks good, MDR ...really good!

    I always enjoy reading about your projects but this one makes me chuckle. The thought that keeps running through my head with each post is, 'Why would a man who lives in a house full of women want to build a bath house ...OUTSIDE the house?' It makes me chuckle because I grew up in family with three girls ...our dad was the lone male in the house. My sisters and I were all very close in age so we hit the teen years like a freight train. Many a time, I heard my dad mumbling, 'you'd THINK two bathrooms would be enough for five people!' Guess us girls were hoggin' the facilities. LOL

  8. I could live in that building. Good work!!!!

  9. Good job! You are right about the age thing. Some days I have good intentions,but after I get started, it just doesn't seem like it is important for that day. There's always tomorrow. Problem is, someday there may not be a tomorrow.

  10. The time you taken shows in its do good work. Everthing improves with age, even us.

  11. Okay so since I'm not there, I believe it's best to give my opinions here where you have to read it and take it into consideration. So you know how in spas they have sauna* rooms? Sorry about the spelling. Well you should find out how that works and put it on the outer wall next to the bathtub. So you can use it in the winter time. Pictured in my head, follow me here, is a metal trough-like thing against the wall, (You'll need the stove for this), but the person could take the coals, put them in the trough, and pour water over it, and create steam. JUST a girls personal opinion :)

  12. atta boy - keep on it til it's done!

    looks fantastic - when can i expect delivery??

    Stephen is right (again) !

  13. When we were young it was fast and quick, now as we are more experienced its slow and steady. A watched pot never boils.

  14. Sorry for the late reply.

    Dave - My saying is, "I cut it three times and it is still to short"

    Mudbug - That was a good one.

    Kymber - Just for you I will put an "Occupied" sign on the outside when in use. I would almost consider putting everyone's name on the outside of it for a small donation to help finish the bath house. LOL

    YeOldFurt - Understood and thanks for the kind wisdom.

    HB - Same here. Five people (well, four now)with me being the only male in the house makes it where I want my own space.
    No really, this whole project is being built as part of the preparedness plan I have. Without electricity my well does not work. Without water in the house makes it where I have to haul water from the harvested rain water into the house just to flush the toilets.
    This is a just in case bathroom that will be used more in the summer so I can lower the impact on the well and help with the electric bill by having hot water heated by the sun and not the grid.
    The composting toilet will only be used if necessary.
    I hope this helped out with the why.

    Sharon - I thought about entering it into the tiny houses website.

    John - It's the "unfinished" aspect of the whole thing that gets to me.

    Stephen - Until one makes a bone headed move like I did.

    Sorry BEB I looked for the space it would take to do such an undertaking this weekend and found none. I could get a fog machine and have it going in there when you use it so you can get the effects of a sauna if you want.

    Jam - Should be right after Christmas.

    Rob - Very true my friend.

    Thank y'all for the comments.

  15. What type wood is the siding? I like the way that looks.

  16. Believe it or not Texan, it is 6" pressure treated pine fence pickets. I got them at a wood wholesaler for a little under half the cost.