Thursday, November 3, 2011

Twiddling My Thumbs

Last night I was gypped out of some work time.
As soon as I got home from work I wasted no time and got out my tools to do a couple of hours of work on the bath house.
On cue, the sky darkened and a front moved in bringing high winds, rain and dropping the temperatures into the 40's. Quicker than I unloaded, I packed up the tools to protect them from the weather and went in the house. I stared out the back door for a few minutes hoping it would pass quickly, but finally gave up. 

Thinking nothing could be done, I kicked off my shoes, grabbed a book, propped my feet up and settled in under the soft glow of the lamp.
Thirty minutes later it stopped raining. I booked marked my page and got my shoes back on. Standing at the back door again just like I had been thirty minutes ago, I wondered if it was really worth getting everything back out.
I finally convinced myself  it was too late to get restarted so I sat, twiddling my thumbs.
Another day lost.


  1. Reading a good book isn't wasted time...

  2. I'm with ya but it's not the weather keeping me from doing my thing. So frustrating!

  3. i hate when stuff like that happens. like - it's a gorgeous sunny and windy day, i carry out 2 loads of laundry and drop them on the deck, start filling the laundry bins and out of nowhere - the sky opens up and rain is pouring down in sheets and i am trying to gather up all of the clothes to get them back in the house - wet, but not clean!

    but i'm with Stephen - reading a book is never wasted time.

    i hope that you can get back at it soon buddy!

    your friend,

  4. It wasn't a waste. It was simply a day off.

    When it reached us here in ET the rain only lasted 15 minutes. Then again it was several hours after it past your house. The wind quickly dried everything out. I was hoping to get enough moisture for my seed. They need to sprout for my winter feed.

  5. MDR:

    i get that feeling all the time, for all kinds of reasons, bugs the hell outta me!!!

    Stephen has the wisdom on this one.

    hope you can get cracking asap and feel that "productivity goodness" feeling again!

    cheers buddy!

  6. Sometimes no matter what you plan it just doesn't work out.

  7. We got here in just the beginnings of East Texas, all of 3 minutes of rain ugggg. I was so hoping for more! What we did get was plenty of unreal winds. It was still blowing like ninety when I went for my run this morning.

  8. Like others have said, reading a book is never a waste of time. And, once in awhile, a body needs a little down time. Maybe it was the Good Lord's (or your chosen deity) way of saying "take a break".