Thursday, November 17, 2011

Free wood, I think......

I ended up finding a free piece of OSB from a guy who I guess did not need it and said it was mine.
The piece is in perfect condition, all I did was ask. I don't know if it was my size or my cool mannerism that got me the board, but it is in the truck and will be put on the water heater box tonight.

I saw the sheet of wood laying on the ground and I walked right up to the closest guy, pointed at him and asked "Hey, are you going to use that sheet of OSB?"

He put his hands up shaking his head back and forth and said, "No man it, it, it's yours just take it".

I grinned, thanked him and loaded it up.
I hope the poor guy did not think I was mugging him for the board. I would never have done that.    

If you were wondering, you can click over to the Bathroom Wall page at the top of this blog and see a list of all who has donated to the cause and wants their names to forever be remembered. If you do not follow any of them then I recommend you give them a look.  


  1. I am sure it was your cool mannerism. He was probably just over come with awe.

    Congrats on the find.

  2. LOL, was nice you got the OSB board free :O)

  3. It was Texan and it is now part of the Water Heater Housing.

  4. good job on getting the free board! going to check out the Bathroom tab now - this Occupy The Bathroom Wall thing is too cool!

    your friend,

  5. I think I just saw your picture on Americas most wanted. Something about stealing some kind of wood.......hehehe