Friday, December 2, 2011

Here's a Howdy

This Howdy is for Russ-Stick Acres. Thank you for hitting the join button and please feel free to leave comments. I will reply as soon as I can. 
Thank you again and welcome to the MDR family.                                                                                          
Just to let you all know Russ-Stick Acres has a great blog and is a must read. You will fall in love with the pictures. All I can say is wow. 


  1. Thank you MDR, for the glowing sentiment and kind words. Yes, once a Redneck, always a Redneck. And we are Russ-Stick Rednecks...and have a list of "You might be a Redneck if..." that would rival Jeff F. :)

  2. I look forward in reading your blog. Thanks again for becoming members of the family.