Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Holiday Post

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We spent ours at the deer lease, well at least most of it.

We ate at my brothers house and as soon as my folk hit the empty plate, we were gone. Rude, maybe but I gave plenty of notice to our plan and we left enough kids there to clean up.
It wasn't long before some of the family came out to the lease and joined us for a great weekend and a second Thanksgiving dinner.

My oldest daughter drove up to sit in the stand with me and we just talked. We didn't see anything that night, but we did make memories. She is pregnant with her first child and the baby is due around May. This will make four. I just wished she didn't live four hours away. I won't be able to be a part of this baby's life as much as I am with the others and that hurts my heart.

My youngest nephew shot his first deer Friday night and first pig Saturday night. We were all so happy for him. Now then, this is what its all about. Making future hunters. Showing the youth of today that they can get out and experience something more than video games and cell phones. To teach them the value of life and the value of the lives we take for our food.

On Sunday morning my Christmas present arrived. My middle daughter had her third baby girl. I was just getting down from the stand walking back to my ride when I got the call. It was quick, so quick she almost had her in the car. I packed up camp and went straight home. I didn't even change clothes and met my new grand baby in camo. I really don't have the words to describe the feeling of watching my family grow like it is. I guess if I had to give it one, it would be heartfelt or something like that.            

We are headed back out to the lease this weekend to get me some deer meat. We have been eating on that elk I got in Utah and made room in the freezer for a deer.

So if I don't talk you y'all before the new year, from our stand to yours, have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Friday, October 19, 2018


I often talk about my bucket list. At 46 most people say I am too young to have one, but I do. I guess the main reason is because I can pick and choose what I want to do while I am still able to to it. I don't want to be at an age where I say, "I would love to, but I am too old to".
Saying all that I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to mark another one off the old list.

Utah Elk Hunt
Even though it was on the bucket list, I never thought in a million years I would ever be able to afford or get the opportunity to experience the trip. Over the years I have had friends and co-workers go on an elk hunt and I sat in complete envy while they told the stories and showed off the pictures. I have shook my head at the expenses they told me about and the ease of a High Fenced, canned hunt that I personally do not believe in. I have also been told stories of the real deal where they go out and stalk, hunt and harvest the big game either on horse back, walking or canoe. Some of which is scary and way more work than I really wanted to take on.
A few months ago a buddy at work came to me and asked if I wanted to go on a hunt in Utah. Of course I said yes, but was filled with a thousand questions.

As the days clicked by and with much anticipation and prepping, last week finally came. I have never been in that part of the world and did not know really what to expect. I can post all kinds of pictures and try to describe the scenery, but I nor the pictures could not do it justice. I will sum it up with just one word, amazing.
The biggest butt kicking was the altitude at 8000 feet. The end result was a 2 year old 3x4 and about 200 pounds of meat in the freezer.          

I have never been a head hunter. I have always only killed what I can eat. I do not believe in killing for sport and I always thank the animal for it's life and the provisions it will give me and my family.
Don't get me wrong, I am not a bleeding heart tree huger, but I do respect life no matter what it is, except snakes.  

Until next time,

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Long Time Coming

It's been months since I posted anything and I feel bad about it. It seems like every time I think about the blog something comes up, then the thought is gone.

I have some free time for just a moment and writing a blog post came to mind. I tried reflecting back on the last few months to come up with something to write about that may be of interest. So here it goes.

There has been a couple of out of town fishing trips, a couple of just quick getaways and a daughters weeding.

A four day trip to San Fransisco for business showed me a whole new culture. We saw several new and different things. We even went to Napa Valley for a wine tasting tour. My conclusion was, San Fran is not for me. Way too many people and too much trash.
I did get to check off three things from the bucket list. Ride a trolley, wine taste in Napa Valley and see the sun set off the West coast.   

Candy stayed gone for 12 weeks in New York for her work. She would come home late Friday night then back again early Sunday morning. It was kinda nice in the beginning because I reorganized the house to my liking, kept everything cleaned and only cooked when necessary. But like all things it got old. She is now back in Texas and the house is disorganized once again.      
There has been a few chili cook offs here and there where Candy won Louisianian State and I, some where, placed high enough in a few cook offs to get qualified for the world championship in Terlingua again this year the fist week in November. All and all chili has taken a back seat right now and I think there is only two cook offs on the books for the rest of the year.

I spent from October to February hunting in Arkansas almost every weekend. No cell service and no distractions. I bought a little 5th wheel to leave out there and it was home away from home.
I passed on several smaller deer waiting for that monster that I ended up missing due to buck fever, but in the end I was still able to put deer meat in the freezer.
Things did not work out on that lease because of one reason or another and all that work was for nothing. Last month I moved camp from Arkansas to West Texas where I have been spending most of my free weekends setting up for this years hunting seasons. It's a little closer with bigger deer. They have fishing and dove where the lease in Arkansas did not.         

Preparations are being made for an October Elk hunt up in Utah. This is the real deal, not like my boss where he spent a small fortune on a high fenced canned hunt, and not like the way I deer hunt with stands and feeders. This is walking and stalking.

 One major highlight of this year was my oldest daughters weeding all the way down in Austin. It took some doing to get most of the North Texas family and friends five hours away from home, but she did it.
I really don't have an words I can say to describe this experience. My middle girl was the fist to get married and that was tough in it's own way. Loosing the first one always is.
The youngest girl will be the last to wed and that in it's self will be tough in it's own way, there will be no more after that. 
But without playing favorites, my oldest girl, my fist born getting married, was really, really tough. It took everything I had to keep it together.   

The good thing is, she married a good guy. They are deeply in love and he treats her like he suppose to.  I guess I can't ask for anything better than that.
He also loves bow ties. I bought him a hand tied pink flamingo feathered bow tie from Europe, plucked straight from the birds butt, with a hand made roll top box etched with a special note from me and Candy. It was pricey, but he deserves it for putting up with all her madness.

I have one more girl to wed off and she has her eyes set on one. Poor bastard.    

With my family growing larger every year I decided I needed to do something for the guys. I came up with a "Son/Son-In-Law Fishing Trip" The one stipulation is you cannot have a pregnant wife when you go. This is mainly because I do not want to have to come back early if there is a problem. If I am buying everything then I want to stay.
I don't have any boys of my own so to speak. My wife did not throw me any male offspring, but I have been blessed with a couple of good guys I am proud to call my boys. I have taught them everything they know. I almost forgot about the son-in-laws, yup I have a couple of those too.
So what better way to bond than to have a guys weekend trout fishing in the streams of Oklahoma?          

I just updated my schedule up till March of next year. Take out the weekends of Hunting, Fishing and Camping, I have two free weekends, but I am sure I can find something to fill the gaps. Maybe a chili cook off or something.   

It was fun writing this and getting yall up to date with my life's happenings. I hope time and experience will let me do this more often.

Until then,
See ya

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Anniversary Weekend

This coming weekend the wife and I will be celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary. We will be taking off work Friday and Monday to make it a four day event.
I gave her a choice of several different locations we have not seen. For instance, A boat trip to see Niagara Falls, Wine tasting in Napa Valley, Eat lobster tails in Main, A spa weekend in South Carolina and so on. I know those are a little on the extravagant side, but for the past few years we have not done really anything to celebrate putting up with each other.

The deal is, about three months ago I traded in our bumper pull camper and bought her a new 5th wheel.

We have only used it twice and she was really wanting to do something that included us and the camper.
Being we are not the sitting around and do nothing types, we plan to relax on the rivers in Beavers Bend Oklahoma doing some fly fishing. We try to go there once a year anyway and have not been this year so this makes a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. This will be good and way cheaper than the options I gave her.

Other updates,
This past weekend we looked at a hunting lease twenty minutes South of Hope Arkansas. I went ahead and bought in and now trying to gather all the supplies. It has been a few years since I have been a part of a lease and did not have the equipment needed to effectively hunt out of town. I plan on keeping the nearby areas hunted last year here at the house ready to hunt whenever I am not out of town. This lease will be good for deer and turkey.

Tiny House,
The kitchen is finally done. Cabinets and floors are painted and pantry installed. No more prepping off of plywood counter tops and and sweeping unfinished floors.
The plan was to build on the outdoor deck, kitchen and eating/sitting areas this fall and have more room, but now hunting took that money and time away from me. So maybe next year instead of an outdoor kitchen I may build on a man cave/adventure cave with a wine and cigar bar.
My wife is saying I am getting cityfied and "High Kept." Who wouldn't want a log cabin room, fake bear skin rug on the floor, watching the game on a flat screen, with a fat cigar and enjoying a class of chardonnay? LOL

I hope I will have some pictures from the all the fish we catch this weekend,

Saturday, August 12, 2017

We Fish

The Temperatures in Canada were from 38 degrees in the mornings to 62 during the hot part of the afternoon. And they call this their summer.

I have been to a lot of places I did not want to return from. The Canada fishing trip ranks at the top of that list. A thousand different "only ifs" were running through my mind as I took in a trip of a lifetime.  The folks living there and the people who have been multiple times might not see the draw anymore, but this old Texas country boy, who has never seen anything like this, could never get tired of it.

I have been back for a couple of weeks now and have been trying to figure out how to describe my experience. I have shown my friends and family the pictures and told most of the stories about the adventure.  Even now I cannot come up with the words or show enough pictures to do it justice. The photos do not describe what I was seeing and the stories do not tell the details of what I experienced.

With my lack of professional story telling through words, I will try one instance and see how it turns out.
White knuckled, holding on for dear life, it was my first time in a float plane. The wind was whipping at twenty miles per hour south to south west causing white caps to break over on the vast waters of Hatchet Lake. The 1957 model, single prop, flying tank was struggling to get off the water and gain
the altitude needed to clear the fast approaching tree line. Andy, the experienced bush pilot with a heavy Canadian accent was using all four of his limbs turning nobs, pulling levers and cursing the waves, wind and the old technology was earning his pay today. The roar of the plan was almost deafening and the vibrations were blurring my vision making my eyes rattle. A few more hard bounces off the water and we were off. "Are we going to clear the trees?" In a panic I almost shouted out loud to whoever would answer me. I turned to see the expressions of the other passengers. Two guides, a deck hand and three other fishermen who have done this many times before were seated calmly looking out the window or reading a book. With all of them not as worried as me, I simply braced myself, stared at the floor and hoped for the best.
At 1200 feet the winds were not near as bad as they were on the water. The flying hunk of iron dived, climbed and even kicked sideways a time or two, but she still plowed through the air like she was on a mission. The constant roar was hypnotizing in a calming type of way and for the next twenty minutes I tried to enjoy the ride.
The landing was a lot less eventful, but in my opinion Andy did bring it in a little too steep. Through the front windshield all I could see was the water fast approaching and with the same death grip I just realized I have been holding for almost thirty minutes now, I braced myself for impact. I will never forget the smoothness of my first water landing. 
By expecting and almost experiencing the worse I was surprised of the calm attitudes everyone was showing. Like they have done it many times before, the pilot, the deck hand, the guides and even the other fishermen all unloaded the flying death machine into two sixteen foot V-Bottom boats. You could say I was still in shock because it was not until Andy and the flying/floating terror of death had taken off before I realized it was all quiet and we were alone.                    
Alone, that was my first thought. I was practically stranded in the Canadian wilderness not knowing how or where to go to get back to civilization. What if the plane dose not make it back to pick us up? What if a huge storm blows in and Andy cannot come get us for days? What if the boat sinks, What if, what if, what if was all I could think about. Instead of enjoying my first time to do any of this, I was afraid of the what ifs. Looking around I was already seeing what I could utilize for shelter, fire and some way of surviving until help could find us. I was sure they knew where we were and could come get us, wouldn't they?
"Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" I snapped out of my trance like state on wondering who I was going to eat first in the extreme event I had nothing else to find my fishing partner PJ yelling and waving at me to get in the boat. "It's time to fish" he said. PJ is an avid fisherman/hunter who actually does more than I do. We compare stories and pictures during the work week on what we caught or killed the weekend before like it's some kind of competition. 
"Five dollars first fish?" he asked. "Sure, but it has to be a Canadian five and the looser has to sign it." I said back. He smiled and agreed.
Our guide, Billy, had the little boat wide open. We scooted across the choppy water as fast as the little 25HP Mercury would push us. I did not plan on loosing the bet and needed to be the first lure in the water to up my chances. In a fury I was trying to tie on a spoon to the end of my line. PJ saw what I was up to and he began to do the same. I am sure Billy got a good laugh at watching us trying to string our poles and attach the bait while being bounced around in the small confines of the little boat. I didn't even get the chance to admire my surroundings, I was too busy trying to catch that fist pike. I don't know if it was PJ's plan or not, but it worked. Being competitive and only thinking about winning the bet and having all the bragging rights took my mind off the rough water we should not have been boating in. Just like magic the two and half foot swells died down to a more manageable size as the boat came to sliding halt. It was like the lake knew it was time to fish.
"What are we doing Billy?" PJ asked.
"We fish." Billy said without any expression what so ever. 
Billy in an native Cree Indian who lives about four hours south of where we were fishing. Winter fur trapping and summer guide fishing is his only income. Having never visited a big city most of our stories we were telling him fell on deaf ears because had little understanding of life outside of his village.  Come to think of it, there would not have been any better person to be stranded in the Canadian wilderness with then a local native, dry since of humor and all.
I will always remember setting the hook on my first pike. That pull, the fight and the sure will of the fish to not be caught. I have landed bigger fish, but nothing that fought like the first pike. After that first catch all my fears vanished. I enjoyed the plane rides everyday, the rustic views at every turn and most of all, the quiet.  
Over all for the week I caught close to 200 fish. Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout.  I was also able to check off a few items off the old bucket list and had fun doing it.

Oh, as far as the bet, well here's the proof on who had to sign the five.

Here are some more pictures of the trip.

 Talk to ya next time,


Monday, July 10, 2017

Final Preps

This week is all about the final preparations before my Canada fishing trip.
 I will be heading off to Hatchet Lake in Saskatchewan Sunday spending a week with some guys from work.
My company sends a few guys every year to give them a much needed break from work and to show them their appreciation for what they do and I got picked to go this year.
This will be my first time to go and hopefully not the last.

The biggest problem I am facing is the "What If" factor. What if I get stranded out on one of the many lakes, in a storm, not able to fly back to the lodge and have to seek shelter for a couple of days. Do I bring all the stuff to survive?
There, of course, is a weight limit on the amount of luggage you can bring everyday on the puddle jumping little airplanes. I will already be bringing poles, tackle, rain gear and two changes of clothes so I wonder if there will be room for MREs, fire making equipment and everything else I will potentially need. (Hatchet, ropes, tarps, emergency blankets, ect....)   
Talking with some of the guys that have been before, they all say to not worry and to just go and enjoy, but having a prepper mentality, that is hard to do.  

The biggest issue I have faced is the completely different type of fishing from what I normally do. Different fish, different tackle and different set ups all together. I had to buy most all new lures, travel cases and regular gear I did not have like layered clothes and so on. So in all, this free trip has cost a small fortune.

With the wife being out of town this week on business this gives me the perfect opportunity to pack, unpack, pack again and then redo it all once or twice more without her complaining I am taking up the entire tiny house with all my stuff. 
She says with all my new stuff I am "High Kept." I have a little story about being "High Kept" I want to share with you that happen this weekend. I may post that tomorrow or later on this week.

See ya,

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Where To Begin

I know it has been awhile, but my life is anything but normal.
I will update y'all month by month

I left off with the house burning last Thanksgiving. The insurance came through and we were able to pay the house off. The problem was there was nothing left over to rebuild. I could have rebuilt and still have a mortgage or just pay the place off and get it out of my name. The clean up would have cost more than the land was worth so there was no way to recoup that cost.  I decided to wash my hands of it and just sign it back over to the mortgage holder and let them pay for the clean up. It is no longer my problem.

Christmas was great. Not much of anything happen. We did a lot of fishing and hunting throughout the month. We had a couple of deer blinds and hog traps set out over winter. 


I bit the bullet and bought a boat.
It took me several years to find the right one and I am glad I did.


I don't get to use it as much as I fantasized about the day I brought it home.
It seems every weekend I work the weather is perfect for boating and the weekends I don't work the wind and rain just won't let me go out.

As you can see here it was January and cold, but I was not going to let that stand in the way of a good time. 

We did a lot of fishing and hunting this month and even added in a few chili cook offs.

A lot happen this month. What little winter we had was over so it was time to get to work.
I was in desperate need for a little shed to store some junk and get it out of my dad's barn so I built one. 

  My company had their winter retreat in Hawaii and we got to go.  
I finally got to cross off deep sea fishing from my bucket list.
The islands are really not my thing, but I was not about to turn down a free once in a life time trip.  Either way it was amazing. I got to do a bunch and see a lot of things I thought I would never do.

I wouldn't mind going back, but I would not stay at Waikiki if it was on my dime.  

Not really much. We fished a bunch, worked too much and slept even less. March wore me out.

My brother made me a deal I could not refuse on his hot tub so I built a little deck and wind screen walls out back of the house for it to sit.
Now I can sit out back and watch the sun set or during dove season sit in my hot tub while hunting.

Now that I have a hot tube, why not just make it a spa area. I found this sauna an ol boy really wanted to get rid of very cheap so I got it.
Now, I sweat enough at work and working around here, but there is something about that infrared heat that just makes you feel good and soothes those tied muscles.  All that fishing takes a toll on your body.
I am a firm believer in saunas now.

Two weeks ago I took all my girls including both grand babies to Texas Ladies State Chili Cook Off down in Seguin. It was the first time all three of my girls and the wife all cooked together. It was really cool to spend the weekend with them all, but it was a long way to haul the camper.

Storms, storms and more storms
We had a section of the barn roof blow off and last weekend we finally got that repaired. It seems every week another severe storm comes through. Even though it was Easter weekend and the wind was too high to take the boat out, we got a lot accomplished around the farm.

I am sure I have left out several things and many details but those can be something else to post about later.

One thing I can say about all my projects is I have a great support group. My dad, my nephew and my good buddy Kris are always willing to lend a hand. Most of the stuff I do takes two or three people and if it weren't for these guys I could not get it done and just go fishing.

See ya next time,

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving two weeks ago. It was a roller coaster here. Let me explain.

  Wednesday night, day before Thanksgiving, around 11:00PM I awoke to my wife saying the house was on fire and we needed to go.
Okay first thought, if someone tell you the house is on fire you automatically assume, the house was on fire.
My cousin was living at the Mini Farm and as it turned out, it was on fire. So we spent the rest of the night until morning watching the Mini Farm burn. The fire started in the garage of the house just to the South and spread to my house. We live so far away from county services they could not get there in time to keep it from spreading.  
All that work, all that time wasted and all the memories, all gone now.
This picture is of what is left of the Bath House.

My cousin is displaced and staying in a hotel until the insurance figures out what they are going to do. It is a total loss so now we just have to go through the steps and wait on them.
So that's what Thanksgiving is about right? Giving thanks that no one was hurt, that all the animals are safe and the sun still came up that morning.  A major inconvenience more than anything.

There was nothing else any of us could do so we just went on with the weekend as planned.
Thanksgiving dinner was amazing as always. The family gathered and we all did what we would have normally would.

Friday I even took my oldest grand baby fishing with her new pole.  
She caught her first fish and when we dragged it up out of the water, she didn't want anything to do with it. As you can tell she didn't even want to take a picture with it.
As the day progressed and more fish were caught she warmed up to the idea and actually started petting them before we threw them back saying, "bye, bye fishy."

So here we sit, two weeks later and still waiting in the insurance. I sure am glad I am not in a tent somewhere.

See ya,

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Another One In The Books

 Another World Chili Championship is in the books.

 Another World Chili Championship is in the books. For two out of three years we both placed. Believe me when I say it humbles me to be able to do such an extraordinary feat. There are chili cooks that have cooked for thirty years and never walked across the stage.  

We cook with the best chili cooks in the world. Our camp is made up of some of the best folks you could ever want to spend your time and hobby with. I have made some very strong and lasting friendships with some of these people. One I call my baby boy (the big guy in the hat, standing next to me, glasses and beard way in the middle back), and one I call my second wife (front row, three from the right). Candy (second from left, front row) and her call each other sister wives and it really turns some folks heads when they say that in public. 
I think this is why I keep cooking and just simply complain about it. Deep down I want to spend time with these guys. It's fun, exhausting, expensive and a really good time. I only have one life and I refuse to look back and say, "I should have had more fun."
 Plus, you really have to like the people if you can spend eleven days in the desert and not kill each other.

Candy won 4th place on the Tuesday "warm up" cook off out of 190 cooks. I only made semi-finals. On Friday, she won 2nd in beans and a nice little check to go with it paying for our fuel there and back. I did nothing in beans and we both did not win anything in Salsa.
On Saturday Candy was part of a small show team that won 3rd place, but the whole reason why we were there is for the Championship on Saturday. 332 cooks and Candy got 24th and I got 21st. That made us finalist and we won the chairs, plaques, champagne and was treated like royalty.
Due to the travel requirements, I never want to win the whole thing so being a finalist two out of three years is good enough for me. I'm batting 750    

The rest of the time was spent being in the desert. We went to a little town in Mexico where we had to leave our truck in the US, take a row boat over and ride a donkey the mile or so into town. I was able to check off my bucket list, wear a poncho and sombrero in Mexico while taking a shot of tequila. 

Throughout the eleven days we did everything else I had not previously done the other two times we were there. We visited the natural Hot Springs on the Rio Grand, visited the cliff drawings from civilizations long past and many more little things that while we were already in the desert, we might as well.
Jessie (My oldest girl) and her man child Billy came in on Thursday morning giving us a full day to show them the things they did not get to see last year.  

It ended up being a great vacation with great friends. It's a lot of work though. Every day you have a list of chores to do around camp just to be able to live. If I had to pick or even had a choice in the matter, I would pick an easier place to vacation next year.

Until next time,
Jerry or Yerry as they call me South of the border.     

Monday, October 24, 2016

Fishing, Hunting, Family and Chili

Get you a cup of Joe, sit down and read a while, this one is going to be long one. A lot has happen in the past few months. Life just keeps getting bigger and better.

I know I have stopped blogging for a while and the main reason is, I just don't have much to say. I figured I can only say so much about cooking chili and even that is boring if you are not a chili cook. It seems like chili is all I have done for the past three years. I have all but given up everything I used to enjoy just to cook a bowl of red. As much as I have tried to decrease the amount of competitions we go to it still feels like every weekend we were gone somewhere doing our chili thing. I know it was getting old reading about the same thing every week so I just quit writing about it. But, if y'all want to hear about it then I will write about it.
I do miss blogging and getting my aggression out. If anyone reads it or not is was a way of therapy for me you might say. I can also tell over the past few months my writing skills have regressed back to about a fifth grade level again. Not that it was anything worth a crap in the first place.

So, here is what's been going on. Fishing, Hunting, Family and Chili. If I'm not cooking a bowl of red in some small town somewhere, I am Fishing or Hunting or at least trying to.

Bird season was kinda a bust even though we had a great time for a couple of weeks. The birds were just not there. My hopes are that these cold fronts we are having will push down some of those big Kansas dove and I can get in a few more shots before the season closes. I bought a new over and under that has not even been good and broke in yet, now that is a shame.
Everything is in it's place for deer season. I bought a cross bow because it's archery only in the county I live in and I'm really not that good with a normal bow. Plus, the cross bow is a lot cheaper than a deer lease somewhere.   

Fishing has been restricted to local ponds mostly. The catfish are just now coming back in the creeks but they are still hard to get to. The freakish high waters this summer has made a thick growth of high weeds all through the bottoms and it's hard to navigate. Even though, I would still like to get in a little more fishing before winter sets.       

The chili trail is still going. Our new year started the first of October and the plans are made on the number of cook offs we plan to attend. It's about half of what we have been doing because we don't plan to go to the World Championship next year.  This year we are planning to hit some in New Mexico, Virgin Islands and a few more big ones here and there.
Candy unsuccessfully ran for the board of directors in our organization (CASI) a month or so ago down in Austin. She loves the organization and what they stand for so much she was willing to offer her time and skill set to help it even more. I guess it was not her time yet. After her defeat we have decided to take a step back from the political side of the chili world for a couple of years and try to get back to the reason we started cooking in the first place which is Chili, Charity and Fun. Politics ends up ruining everything good and unfortunately it's no different if you get that heavily involved in anything, even in a charitable organization.   
Candy won Missouri State in chili and I won it in Beans a couple of months ago. Other than that, we have not cooked in any major cook off for a while. It's just been small locals here and there.
Terlingua (World Championship) is next week and we are just starting to load the truck. This is the 50th year anniversary for CASI so it's going to be a big one. We leave this Friday for another week long adventure in the desert.

Last, but most important.
Last week our family grew. Grand baby number two (Emily) was born.
Candy and I have taken to the grand parenting thing pretty well. After my kids all grew up I really missed the sounds of running little feet through the house. The noise of kids laughing and playing were all gone and only quiet and emptiness hung in the air. Boredom took over and I think that is why we started doing the chili thing so much.
Sitting still will drive me insane with the creeping thoughts of regrets and life decisions that might not have went as planned slowly drift in. Shoulda-Woulda-Couldas are a killer and it's better to have my mind active. Can I change all that crap no, but try telling my hard head that.
Grand baby one (Rebecca) is now two and a half. She is at that age where she is talking in short sentences and starting to ask questions. I think my favorite age is around eight, but they will get there too fast as it is. I plan to cherish every moment with these two.

Other than that, life goes on.
See ya in a couple of weeks,

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fishing Is The Cure All

This is a special time of year. It's the time when the fish are spawning, the trees are leafing out, the grass is greening up and the wildlife is waking up from the winter slumber. And, it's the time of year to get sick. 

I was in Johnson City, Texas for the Men's State Chili Championship a couple of weekends ago. Upon returning I have felt like a truck has run me over. It has gone from my throat to my chest to my head and now starting back to my throat again. It doesn't help I am out fishing in the rain and even going back to the creek at night breathing in that fine, country, cool air.
I look at it this way, I can either lay around in the house, bored and hacking up a lung or I can sit by the creek doing something I love. I choose the creek.
 I was recently introduced to a new part of the creek I have never been to. This is a very remote area that has only seen a handful of humans. In a way it's almost prehistoric, untouched you might say. When I am down there I clearly know I am not at the top of the food chain anymore.
Darkness falls quicker in this remote place leaving it hard to find the small, unused trail back out. Plus, it is very easy to get turned around due to the same seen at every bend of the creek.You have to remember your markers and try to get out before it gets too dark.
It's quiet, dead quiet almost in a eerie kind of way. 
If I ever wanted to find a place to escape where nobody would ever find me, this is the place.       
 Back out in the open air I was also shown a place tucked back in the corner of the property where the water is so clear you can see the fish chasing after the minnows. This little pond is a paradise for bass and fishermen to really get to know each other. The tall grass on it's banks make a cloud like bed to lay back on and just relax.   

Although I was sick, there was something about sitting on the banks of these two spots that made it all better. The fresh air, the calmness, the quietness and of course the occasional fish on the other end of the line.  It was only until the ride home did I remember I was still sick proving the fact, fishing is a cure all.

Candy is headed to Seguin Texas this weekend to defend her title as the Texas Ladies State Chili Champion so wish her luck. The chances of winning back to back are against her and she is very nervous about it. Even if she don't, she will always be a champion in my eyes.  
Me and my weekend plans, I will have the house to myself and I might just stay home and relax in my easy chair all weekend, hahaha whatever, you know where I will be.

I will let you know how it turns out and oh, I will also let you know how Candy did.
See Ya,

Monday, March 28, 2016

No Winter

And here I was all worried about another hard winter.
It never snowed, it never iced up and we were not stuck in the house for days on end.
All that has happen the last two or three years and I was not looking forward to another one. This year, yea it was cold a couple of days and we even had a month where we ran the heaters at night, but other than that, summer time is among us now.

Yes I have been busy. Not so much on the house or anything productive so to speak, but busy nevertheless.
For my birthday in February I bought a nice little 1967 Mobile Scout camper trailer. Candy and I have been talking about getting an small old camper to fix up and redo. So she found this one on Facebook and we went and picked it up the next day.

 The problem is, I didn't really want another project and I didn't want a camper where I had to just about redo the inside from the floor up. The previous owner covered up the rot with more paneling. Kinda like using a band aid for a broke arm, it's just not going to do any good. Even though I knew better, I still bought it.
So now it sits just like all my other projects, half finished with no end in sight.

 The camper and all the other projects really suffer when I go out and get a new fly fishing set up. Ever since the fishing trip last year I have been wanting to go back.
I justified this purchase by telling myself it will be cheaper in the long run because now I do not need to rent the equipment and just use my own.

There is just something about fly fishing that got me hooked the first time I did it. I don't know if it was the challenge of it all or if it was just the peace and quiet, being one with the nature. Whatever it is, I am hooked.

In the mean time I have still been taking my little boat down to the creek with my Zebco 33s and finding my own peace and quite only a 1/4 mile from the house.

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend.

See ya,