Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday's Top 10 Modern Day Redneck Thoughts Of The Week

This is a list of the top 10 actual thoughts, sayings and questions that have gone through my mind during the week.
Dumb, yes. Stupid, maybe.

10. How cool would it be to have glow in the dark body warsh?
9. If I was rich, I could buy bigger tires for the o'l lady's pickup.
8. Why do geese have to crap so much?
7. Driving in traffic the other morning I kept mumbling to myself, "Stupid, stupid people".
6. Would it be easier to burn the feathers off a turkey with a blow torch than to pluck them?
5. I want to arm wrestle Big Foot.
4. If I had a bigger hammer, I bet I could make it fit.
3. For anything other than English, Press "End" now. 
2. "If I had a chance to do it all over again, I would only screw it up even quicker."
1. I'd be the talk of the town if I had a John Deer Limo.


  1. hey....I wanna john deere limo too......

  2. Rob, I know. I think I like it so much I am going to do it every Friday.

    I think that would be the best thing since sliced bread Warlock

  3. Seems like the ramblings of a keen mind to me.

  4. I wish that were true Buddy. Be safe this weekend and have fun.

  5. MDR - oh ya, buddy - make it a weekly thing. curious minds want to know what goes on in the mind of a Modern Day Redneck. seriously.

    John Deere limo....bahahahahaha! wouldn't mind one myself!

    your friend,

  6. #10 -
    Not the way to go from the after pictures I saw of them.

  7. And now you have infected my mind. And now it's the weekend.

  8. I cant believe he hasn't went out and done something like bought him a jet ski and painted it John Deere Green with actual JD logos.. I may have just sparked some new redneck rhoughts tho.

  9. Kymber - Are you sure you really want to know? It might get scary.

    mmasse - Ok, well that is out now.

    Mudbug - LOL

    Darrell - I love the idea. Crap, now where am I going to find a jet ski?

    SFG - Be afraid, be very afraid.