Sunday, November 6, 2011

Are You Talking To Me?

Don't you just hate those days at Church when the preacher is talking directly to you?

For the first part of the morning service it seamed the preacher was talking to the wife and I was elbowing her, snickering and saying "This is for you dear". Then all the sudden the tables tuned and then he started hitting on what I needed to hear. I felt her elbow in my side and heard the same thing back to me "Now this is for you".
The room was filled with about 60 people and the preacher was talking right to me. It would not have been so bad but he was pointing right at me. Weird huh, but it was just what I needed to hear.

Today was a slow day and all I got done on the the Solar Bath House was the little flower box in front of the window and......

 I Plumbed in the bath tub and got it set in place. Remember, this is an old horse trough so cutting in a drain took some thought and careful planning. One slip and the whole tank was ruined.
 I also plumbed in the drain pipes for the bathtub and sink. Being this is gray water I have it going over to some little trees I have in the garden area.

The evening ended with some family members coming over and sitting outside for a night cap. It was nice to sit down for a while and just be again.

Oh, check this out! Last night was the first time I had ever been in a Earthquake. It was awesome once I knew what it was, but at first I was scared. I thought someone was trying to get in the house and when all the kids came running I knew the end was near. I grabbed the pistol and headed outside. I am really glad nobody was standing on my front porch because at that time, I didn't know what was going on. After it all settled down I felt silly carrying around a firearm, but at least I was ready.   

Anyway, I enjoyed the thrill and stayed up waiting for the aftershocks, but ended up falling asleep. On the other hand, the wife said can do without them.

Now I can check and earthquake off my list.


  1. I'm with the Mrs when it comes to earthquakes ...don't mind if I miss out on that little thrill altogether!

    The flower box is too cute! The whole solar bath house is too cute. I guess I missed it in your earlier posts if you mentioned you were planning to use a horse trough for the tub.

    I smiled when I saw it and thought, 'You MIGHT be a redneck if you bathe in a horse trough... but you are a very SOPHISTICATED redneck if the horse trough you bathe in is inside a SOLAR BATH HOUSE with a TOO CUTE flower box under the window!!' Way to go, MDR ...this could be trend setting!

    : )

  2. Nothing like having a bucket list. Ever want a volcano you can come visit us. We will take you to Mt. Rainier or Baker or St. Helens. But then again might as well go to Hawaii and see one that is oozing the red stuff and the weather is better. hahahaha Your story was really funny. I even told the man.

  3. i am with HossBoss - i don't like earthquakes and have only experienced a few small ones!!! and the work that you have been continuing on the solar bathroom is amazing - i can't wait to show jambaloney!

    not trying to steal you thunder or anything but we have a softub hot tub arriving in a few days and i can't wait. we had one back in the city and it was so great for working out deep aches and pains.

    keep up the great work that you are doing on the solar bathroom MDR. and don't be so hard on yourself - that thing is really coming together and you should feel proud. i feel proud for you!

    your friend,

  4. Experienced a few shakers when I was stationed in San Diego. I'll take them over Hurricanes (3 of those under my belt), but only barely.

  5. The temmors didn't get to us thank God. I will have to say I laughed my butt off when I read you ran outside with the gun. Now that is the true redneck thing to do. Thank you for the laugh.

    Time to consider earthquake emergency when thinking of the BOB.


  6. it's looking better than i imagined it would!!

    kymber is going to be so happy when it arrives!!

    thanks buddy!

  7. Earthquakes, seen it, done that, lived in SoCa in the '70's. So now you can say you are a true rock n roller....hahaha. We have family and friends in OK. Norman and Tulsa. My buddy in Tulsa is from Ca. He said no big deal, his wife was a little worried thou.

    Wonder if any preppers thought this was it..SHTF??

  8. Solar bathroom looks great. I especially love the little flower box. I live on the New Madrid faultline zone so earthquakes are almost expected though we can do without them. We had a 4.2 hit back I believe on June 7th. Hubby slept through it, I woke up thinking a truck was ramming the house. The epicenter was a hop skip and a jump away. Depart. of natural resources came out several year back surveying everyone's properties looking for signs of fault lines. I know of a couple within about 20 minutes or less from us.

  9. Just call me a Maverick HB, lol. Thanks for the cute comments and all because appearance is half the battle.
    The good thing about this is the cost. This whole project is still sitting at just $100 bucks and I have just about everything on hand to finish.

    My bucket list does not include a Volcano Sista. It did not include a earthquake either but now I get to add it and check it off. Hawaii on the other hand is on there. If that ever happens then I can add the volcano on the list and then check it off as well.
    Oh, if you did not get it from my late reply my email address is Just send me an email and I will reply with my address.

    Kymber - I am happy for you getting the tub. I on the other hand have never had one. They are just a playground for a newly wed couple as I see it. LOL

    Yea Dave I don't ever plan to be in one of those either. I hate high winds and then you add water to it makes it all the worse.

    The way I figure it G is that if a slight trimmer only comes every 40 years then I am good. They said it was from all the fracking going on in Oklahoma but a 5.6 is big. Being I never had to think about them I don't know the first thing about a Earthquake.

    What did you imagine Jam? Before I started building I searched many many images of Bath Houses and most are built with a couple of pallets and a tarp wrapped around it. I told myself I will not do that.
    Just wait, the wife planted some vines to the right of it and this summer when they grow they should cover the little building. I think that will be cool.
    Is this going to be COD on the shipping?

    That is what I told the wife Rob. I said there are people from Cali that laughed at this but keep in mind, for us this was the end of the world. LOL

    Ok Coley, right there said enough. "I live on the New Madrid fault line" Just like Sista saying she lives between two active Volcanoes. OMG lol. I know we sometimes can't pick where we live because if we did I would not be in North Texas.
    Y'all can have all that excitement you want.
    Just a thought on your chickens. Do they have black specs and dots on their combs? You might have a case of Coccidiosis.

  10. New Madrid fault zone I guess I should say, lol. There has been more than one time "the big one" was supposed to happen. It never happened but did scare a lot of people around here. The chickens don't have any spots on the combs just pale pink combs and low weight despite have free choice to food. I am giving DE and I am also starting to give them apple cider vinegar which is supposed to help as a "pick me up" health wise.

  11. Coley I don't know about your county or state but here is a website that you will get some good info from. We have our birds NPIP tested every year for free from the county. This might be something you can look into.