Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Coming Together

I feel a little inadequate because I am not posting about politics, dooms day or the occupy movement. I have not posted about Israel and the Palestine problems nor have I posted about the candidates running for the Republican nomination. I have not posted about the control the Jews have over our money or the fact the rich keep getting richer.
I had an email today from a reader who asked why I have not given my Redneck point of view on any of these subjects.
It is not that I don't keep up with it all or I don't have an opinion. It is not because you can find the information plus other opinions on just about every other blog.
I just don't really care to listen to and read about it all day and then write about it. I have my own opinions on every subject listed plus some and plan to keep them to myself unless asked face to face over a cold beer.
That's all I got to say on that.

Now on with the post:
I guess the weather felt sorry for me yesterday by making me jump through hoops so it kindly cooperated with me today. After work the first thing I did was look to the sky. No clouds, so I knew I would be able to get something done on the Solar Bath House.

Per popular demand, I redesigned one of the walls and framed in a window. I did not want a window, but many of y'all did.
I found four of these windows at a junk sale a while back. They were leaning against the back wall of the building and I asked how much and he said $20 each. Of course I did not pay that much for them and as a matter of fact, the o'l boy finally gave in and just gave them to me.
I played dirty on this one. He had to move this huge dresser and could not do it by himself. He asked if I could help and then I asked how much for the windows again. I got the free windows and he got his dresser moved. (Don't judge, I would have helped him anyway)

For the siding I used 6" fence pickets. Yes they are new, but I did not buy them at retail. I got them at a little over half off by going to a wholesale outlet. I think they ended up being about $0.60 each.

I plan to finish the building completely before I install all the solar stuff and the furnishing. Plus I need to run the plumbing before I can finish the inside walls.
I should be able to get all the trim and the door done this weekend.

This little project is taking way too long. I should already be showering in it by now.                       


  1. That looks great, MDR! You need one of those old timey signs to hang outside 'BATHS 25 cents' or something like that. LOL

  2. I hear you on the politics. I too refuse to get caught up in that trash. Besides, like you said, others express their opinions with a more practiced form of lie than I.

  3. Are you going to have Mom make you some curtins? And then have flower boxes under the window? With a fire place!! Oh fafa can you please?????

  4. Excellent idea BEB. I bet he would do it for you girls. ;)

    Great job MDR. I love the window. Makes the place already look real homey.

    Thanks on all that other stuff too. There is enough of that crap going around. I like to ready about more positive stuff on my blogs. Just personal opinion. You know what they say about opinions now don't you. If not, I'll tell you sometime.

  5. i agree that too much political talk and stuff on blogs turns me off. i like it when people post relevant topics or links to interesting articles but if a blog is non-stop with that kind of stuff, i lose interest pretty quick.

    mostly i like to read what various folks are doing in their day to day lives or their thoughts on prepping, etc.

    and i love that solar bathroom. wait until jambaloney sees it. he'll just die!

    great work so far buddy!

    your friend,

  6. Isn't it great when a plan comes together!

  7. Thanks HB. I have about three or four different signs I plan to make for it when it is all done. I also have some old metal soap sings I am going to hang. I wish I had a bunch of bathroom antiques to furnish it with.

    This is the way I look at it Steven. You can read the name of the blog, everyone knows I live in Texas, My Christian beliefs are all over this blog so if someone can't form an opinion on how I think or stand as far as politics go, then that person does not know as much as they think.

    Yes baby, Mom is going to make the curtains and even a shower curtain. I do plan to put a planter box under the window. As far as the fire place, I am still kicking around the idea of a pot belly stove but the space is not there. Plus, It will not be used during the winter months much anyway.

    Thanks G. I agree, the window was a good idea.
    As far as the blog goes, I am not downing any other blog because writing about what interest us is why we all started these anyway. I stay up on the news and am very interested in all the things I listed and do say and express my opinion when asked face to face. As my dad puts it, "I want to know who I am fighting" so I try and keep my head out of the sand, I just don't express my opinions here.
    Opinions do stink don't they?

    Ah Kymber, You hit the nail on the head. Topic variety is the key.
    Thanks for the complement and tell Jam to stop by and take a look.
    Oh, Tag you are it.

    Thanks for the complement and for stopping by Mudbug. I have not heard from you in a while.

  8. Great job so far. I look at it this way, when its a DIY, take all the time you need. Money saved is money earned.

  9. Now the hard part starts John. It's easy to build a building, but now I have to make this thing work. Without all the solar stuff it's just a big outhouse.

  10. Very true Rob. Thanks for stopping by.

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  12. MDR, even "just a big outhouse" might be a potential plus for many after the SHTF and many homes find that the water doesn't flow anymore.

  13. Very true Matt. At least I will have a place to sit down for awhile. LOL

  14. Looks great and I love the window!

  15. Thanks Shar and thanks for the comment.

  16. projects always take longer buddy, don't fret!

    we have a list here of jobs i can't even look at right now!!

    bath house looks great - can you ship it up to me when you are done ;-)

    cheers MDR!!

  17. Your bathroom is awsome! So cute. Not that you probably care about that but I bet the girls do. I would love to send you a bath warming present is you can think of a way to give me a mailing address. I make goat milk soap and would love to share.
    I agree with keeping the politic to a minimum. It usually just pisses people off and starts a round of name calling. Got enough of that in Washington. ugh!

  18. Sorry for the late reply on this one. I don't know why I did not get the notice on these.

    Jam - That is not a bad idea. I could build it all and send everything up there that way it will be set up for me when I invade Canada. That's funny.

    Sista - Yes I care about cute. It's all in the appearance right.
    You can email me at and I will send you back my address.