Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hump Day and Rambles

I don't even know why they call it that.

Last night was funny. After work the past two days I have gone home to make a dint in Operation Project Clean Up. The wife was watching me walk back and forth picking up this, carrying that, moving items from one place to another.
She told me "Honey, you might need to slow down a little."

Of course I did not stop to wonder why or take the time to converse in a conversation with her so the next time I passed her I asked why.

"Because if you don't, then you won't have anything for this weekend" she said back.  

I just smiled and told her to grab a shovel.

On another note, the new chicks are ready to go out to the brooder house tonight. I am excited for these young chickens because they are the new rebuilding blocks of the Mini Farm.
Last summer was a killer for us and everything we worked for to build the business was taken away because of just dumb luck. My biggest mistake was not saving any of the money made from all those animals. Instead, I thought it would be better to reinvest and grow bigger.
This new beginning will be a little different.

We have made a deal on a Miniature Donkey. A friend from Church said he was looking for some Mini Goats and would be willing to trade. We already went to his place and picked out the donkey and he has already came over to pick out the goats. All that is left is the trade. This little Donkey is the neatest thing at only 26" tall. He will make a great addition to the petting zoo.

I also added a new page on the blog. You can find it at the top. It is the "Bathroom Wall" page and it shows who has chosen to have their name in lights and be remembered forever. It is not to late to get yours on there as well. I will be making the signs next month.

Y'all have a good day.     


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. It really has opened my eyes to some posibilities. I knew what you did, but for some reason, the comment just cleared it up more. lol!!!! Good luck!

  2. P.s. Becareful with the mini donkey. They may seem nice, but around these parts we have a saying. A donkey will wait his whole life to get a chance to kick you or bite you. LOL!

  3. I had every intention of posting last night but when I was done commenting on your blog SFG, my finger tips hurt. I think that was the longest comment I have ever written.
    Yup, donkeys have the way about them. This little one looks so sweet but I know given half the chance he would turn on you.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  4. OH JEEZZ, Don't tell my wife that you have a donkey. She wants one in the worse way. Thinks that it would make a good friend for our dog, Nugget.

  5. MDR, buddy - your wife is trying to tell you not to overdo it so that you won't have anything left when your family visits. and she is right! she is a woman afterall - bahahahaha!

    i am so glad that you added a tab about the Bathroom Wall. you just watch and see how many people get involved. it's only $10 bucks and in my mind is a worthwhile investment! someday i promise to come down and see it for real! and someday you are coming here, ya promise?

    your friend,

    (off now to read your comment on smallfarmgirl's post!)

  6. You just have to name your donkey what else but "DONKEY" from Shrek.

  7. Flier, the wife has been bugging me for years to get one. Now she is finally getting one. It bet it gets treated better than I do.

    I promise Kymber. First I have to get up the nerve to leave the Country. I never have done that before.
    I added the tab to show the progress of the Wall Movement and to give thanks to the ones who participate in it. I plan to make the signs in December.

    Well of course Rob, even though it's name is Pepper Jack, I will be calling it "DONKEY" in Shrek's accent.