Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just A Little More On The Solar Bath House

I had all intentions of getting the plumbing roughed in on the Bath House this weekend, but after looking in every nook and cranny I came up short on the parts to get it done.

So I changed direction a little and started on the Batch Water Heater Housing. It took every bit of cull lumber I had left, but at least it is framed up.

The tank is positioned at an angle so in the winter I will be able to drain it. Plus during use the hot water will stay at the top of the tank and when the cold water flows in at the bottom through the old drain hole, it does not mix with the hot making the whole operation more efficient.

The top of course will be glass and the inside will be insulated with foil back foam board. I have all that on hand through savaging here and there, but I am lacking one more piece of OSB to box in the sides.
New, the OSB is only $6.95 for a 4X8 sheet, but I bet I can find one damaged and about half off somewhere.      


  1. How will you insure the water in the tank will not get to hot to use since the whole tank is in black, with reflecting material around it?

  2. G - The pop off valve will release any pressure if it gets too hot.
    As far as using it. It will be plumed in just like the house. In the shower I will be able to cut it with cold water to cool it down if it is too hot, just like any shower.
    Most people run just one filler pipe to the tank that is mounted above the shower. Then from the tank to the shower head is gravity feed leaving you at the mercy of the temperature in the tank.
    This shower will be a pressurized system through a on-demand 12V pump from the harvested rain water and have a hot and a cold.

  3. oh man....and to think that you have thought through and planned through all of this - you must teach jambaloney!!! i love it! and have always wanted a solar shower/solar bath....but a whole bathroom?!?!?!? i love it!

    your friend,

  4. mdr - you are rocking it for certain - i know that it seems like it's taking forever to you, but you are doing it right the first time and it shows!!

    my only gripe is in kymber's comment above, i have a bigger spring project ahead of me now ;-)

    well done buddy!!!

    is that 1/2 obs ?? that costs me $11.50 a sheer, pretend you are canadian and there's yer half off!

  5. Thanks Stephen.

    Thanks Rob.

    Well kymber, the wife always says I don't do anything half a**ed.
    If you get one then get ready to be called a nut. Twice this weekend it has happen to me. One asked "So what do you have against showering in the house?" I just laughed, I don't even try to explain anymore.

    Jam - Thanks Buddy.
    No it's 7/16". It's as close to 1/2 as you can get.
    When you start to build make sure you post many, many pics. I plan to learn something from the master.
    Hmmm, A Texas Canadian. Do they even make them?

  6. I am planning my build as well and did notice that I will not be using osb, but rather painted pressure treated plywood. I know it is very expensive, but it will be outside all year every year.

  7. Anony - I have used OSB for many things and as long as I paint it, it stays intact. I agree using real pressure treated plywood would be better and yes more expensive.
    I painted the box in a black oil base paint and should only have to repaint every other year.
    If I would have had the money then yes, I would would have loved to use the better lumber.
    Good luck with your build.