Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More On The Solar Bathroom

 I built a little sitting bench near the bathtub. This will come in handy when I am trying to put my socks back on.

And got the composting toilet finished. The bucket to the right holds saw dust to scoop over the stuff that is left in the bucket. All it needs now is a toilet paper roll holder.

I changed up the sink design. Instead of using the big fiberglass sink I showed in earlier posts, I am going to use a steel bowl.
I punched out the drain hole today and I am in the process of building the cabinet it will sit on.
I figured if those big fancy houses have those high dollar glass bowls as sinks, then my Bath House will be just as fancy with a metal one.


  1. Love the sink. Does the bench have storage underneath?

  2. Thanks Sista, Yes it does. It folds up and is where the extra towels and TP will be stored.

  3. I like the sink too. And the toilet. And the bench. And, you're doing a fine job.

  4. Thanks buddy, I hope to get most of the plumbing done this weekend.

  5. It is like you are building a play house. Makes me want to come and play then I have to remember it is a solar bathroom.

    I stayed at this place that used branches for towel holders and TP holders. The TP holder was simply a branch of cut into a nub. The roll fit on the numb. I like to do things like that with the cedar our here when I trim things up. Cool and rustic looking.

    I think the metal sink looks much better than the big plastic one.

    For cat litter we get the compressed pine pellets at Tractor Supply. It works really well. It breaks down with urine allowing the urine to evaporate. It doesn't help much with the stool smell. I don't know where you plan to get the saw dust but this might be an idea if you don't have one already which I am sure you have. This can be a back up.

  6. You are a true craftsman. I enjoy watching you work on this project. How about a small sign on the underside of the toilet cover saying " VOTE LIBERAL HERE" with arrow pointing down. :)

  7. dude - yer mah frickin' heroe! and come next spring - jambaloney has a LOT of work to do!!!

    i am sooo loving this bathroom!

    your friend...and you owe me an email,

  8. G - I know. I was thinking if the girls were still young they would have already taken it over.
    That is a good idea on the branches.
    The town near us is the Cabinet making capital of Texas and they will give you as much saw dust as you want. I will also mix lime in with the sawdust.

    Rob - Thanks for your kind words. The voting poll area might be a good idea.

    Kymber you are too kind. Thank you for your uplifting comments.

  9. I just noticed on second viewing of the blog that you put the toilet next to the window. Great idea. When you read you will have the natural lighting to read by.

  10. G - The view is great as well. It overlooks the gardens and the chicken pens.

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  13. Andrea - Thanks for the invite, kind words and the link exchange.