Saturday, November 19, 2011


Here is a big Welcome and a Howdy to Sarah Shepherd K and Kris  for being the newest members in the Modern Day Redneck family.
Thank y'all for hitting the join button and be assured, if you leave a comment I will reply as soon as I can. My email is on the right if you need anything.

Shepherd K and Kris have real nice blogs and I encourage you to check them out.
Kris has also secured her place on the Bathroom Wall.

Again, Thank you both and welcome.

Also a big Thank You to mmasse. He has added his name to the Bathroom Wall as well.
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  1. Howdy back everyone!

    Just had to let you know I spent all day ysterday reading all of the blog archives. I read a lot of homesteading, permaculture and animal husbandry blogs, as well as prepping and survival blogs, and here all in one package is an amazing homesteading prepping blog with fantastic wood projects. One of the best!

    All the best from the UK.


  2. Sarah you are too kind. You are now one of only three people I know that has done that.
    Thank you and again welcome to the family.

  3. Thanks for the warm welcome, MDR! Glad to be here :)

  4. welcome to all of your new followers - you'll find that this is a great place to hang around!

    and good on ya mmasse!

    your friend,

  5. We are glad to have ya Kris.

    Thanks Kymber.