Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just In Time

Operation clean up was finally a success and just in time to. A huge storm blew in last night and it came a frog strangler.
We really needed the rain but now everything is wet and muddy and there will be a little over twenty folks here Thursday with no place to park and nothing to do outside.
I was hoping to show off the Solar bathhouse to the ones that have not seen it yet but if it is still muddy that will be out. Maybe the sun will be out tomorrow and it will dry up enough where everyone will not be fighting the mud.

The turkeys are gone now. I was wondering if they would ever sell or not.
Tonight I had a guy come all the way from Oklahoma with a horse trailer to get one.
I asked him, "How big do you think this turkey is my friend?"
He said it was all he had to carry the bird in. Overkill, yea just a little.

The wife has really done a great job on the house. The first thing I did tonight was mess it right back up again. I had to make sure I had all the spices and cooking utensils to start cooking tomorrow. It was a good idea at the time, not so much of one now I don't guess.

Who's ready for Black Friday? Not me, I'm not going anywhere.      


  1. so glad to hear that you got the place cleaned up - except for your new mess in the kitchen - teehee! i will pray that it is sunny and dry for you all tomorrow. we will be celebrating on friday and thinking of all of our American friends all weekend. have a Happy Thanksgiving buddy! all the best to you and yours!

    your friend,

  2. I will be spending Black Friday with our children in Princeton. It is much better than shopping any day.

    The rain has already soaked in here but we have sand with our red clay. That black clay will hold it making everything slimmy.

    Have a great holiday!

  3. No Black Friday for this cat. I don't like most people to begin with, and crowds are not my gig.

    Have a great Thanksgiving MDR!

  4. no black friday here either hate fighting the crowds only did it once and that was enough for me HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours

  5. No Black Friday here either. Got a lot of our shopping done at a craft show. Lots easier. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

  6. I never shop Black Friday. Had to work it two years ago, insane. One idoit came in like 5 hours after the doors opened and said "I can't find XXX or ZZZ or YYY. Oh sorry sir we ran out of them the first hour by 6 am.

    That is why I don't work retail.

    Have a good T-Day, glad all your yardwork was finished up.

  7. Your prayers have been answered Kymber. It is a great day.

    Have fun with the kids G. You too.

    I hear ya on that Dave. I am a people hater as well.

    Me too Anony. You do the same.

    Now that's an idea John. You have a Happy one as well.

    Rob I never have shopped that day. I can only imagin what it's like.
    You have a good one as well my friend.