Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I would like to take a minute and say Howdy and Welcome to the newest members of the Modern Day Redneck family. Lila and Phelan thank y'all for hitting the little follow button and please make yourselves at home.
After checking out their followers, it looks like most already follow both their blogs. If not then I encourage y'all to click on over and check them out.
Thanks again and welcome.


  1. Yes, I do. They're both class acts and lovely ladies.

  2. Stephen, I have not had the chance to do much back reading on either of their blogs, but they look like they are right up my ally.

  3. i am so glad that Phelan and Lila are here. i have followed Phelan for years and love her to pieces. she is one awesome homesteader!

    good on you MDR! your friend,

    (hey - who owes who an email? is it my turn? i have to go and check my sent emails?)