Monday, November 14, 2011

Operation Cleanup

Those of you who have read Modern Day Redneck for a while now know that I eat, breath and sleep projects. When the weather is bad I sit by the window like a kid in a candy store just waiting for the first ray of sunshine and then I'm out the door.
The down side with multitasking between projects and all the time allocated to them, is the mess I make. There is nothing half way, it's all out and when I am done it looks like a bomb went off.

Next Thursday I will have anywhere between 16 and 25 people here for Thanksgiving and the last thing I want is an all around mess. I take pride in what I have and feel embarrassed when things are out of place (OCD) when people come over. Take this last weekend for instance, I had a customer come by kinda unannounced to look at some goats and I spent most of the time explaining my mess even though I did not need too.

So to remedy all that extra stress I have started Operation Cleanup for this week into next weekend.
Here are a few pics of what I am talking about.

Scrap wood pile from the Solar Bath House.
 Extra old 2X4s that I still might need for braces on the water heater. I brought a large pile up to build the Bath House and this is all I have left.
 Extra shingles that I did not want to put in storage just yet in case I needed some for one reason or another.
 Extra old wood left over from the Wood Shed build still sitting around because I started the Bath House before final clean up.
 At least I finally have the trash cans cleaned out of all the cans I was saving. The wife said she would take them this week to cash them in for some Christmas money.

The back yard is just killing me every time I look at it. Goose feathers everywhere. This weekend I plan to spend some quality time with the leaf rake and Mr. Manuel Labor.

Maybe by the time everyone gets here next Thursday I will be able sit outside with ease, relax and have a proper Thanksgiving day without stressing over the little things.


  1. I can't believe it is already time to be thinking of Thanksgiving,before you know it Christmas will be here and gone. I understand the OCD thing lol. My hubby and I have it really bad as do are kids and other family members. As my Aunt puts it, she has CDO (because the letters have to be in order,lol). The bath house looks great by the way.

  2. Its ok fella, Take a deep breath, hold it ...ok let it out slooowwwww... Again.....

    Tee hee :O)

  3. My problem when I try to 'straighten things up' is everywhere I look, I start envisioning the next project. I'm not sure if I'm just that hyper with ideas and enthusiasm or just that 'into' avoiding the task at hand.

    Thanksgiving will be fine regardless of what you do or don't get done before then. Put enough people in the yard and who will be able to see a stray goose feather here or there!

    : )

  4. Well I am cleaning for Thanksgiving too but I am not brave enough to show the pictures. Nothing like company to get a person motivated.

  5. Too bad we are not closer, I would come over with my 3 boys and kick it into gear. Nothing more rewarding then helping a friend or two out.

  6. Haha aww shucks. I wont be back home till Tuesday. I'm with you in spirit :)

  7. The years keep getting shorter and shorter Coley.
    The OCD thing is what the wife calls what I have, I can see it.
    Thanks for the complement on the Bath House.

    You are too funny Texan. During anger management classes they taught me to find my Happy place and go there in my mind when I feel angered. The wife hates it when I go to my happy place every time she talks to me.

    You are right HB. As soon as I find an empty spot I start planning on what can be built there.
    I know it will all be fine. After all they are family, right? LOL

    G, I always try and keep a well run ship here but the hot summer kept me from doing much and now I have a small window to get caught up on the projects before winter. This in turn leaves little time to keep everything in tip top shape. During growing season when we have all the customers coming and going this place looks fantastic.

    Thanks Rob. We had a youth auction last Sunday and I had planned to buy two or three kids for this weekend but after ten bucks I was out of the bidding.
    At one time I had enough kids here to help as well. Now one is gone, another works all the time and the third one only does what she wants to do. She loves to help build and take care of the animals but she hates cleaning up after projects.

    Don't you worry BEB, I will leave you some just so you won't be left out.

  8. With your mention of Thanksgiving I sat back and asked myself - where has the time gone. Good luck on the clean up.

  9. just giv'r buddy - you can do it! cleanup is a massively rewarding experience, just hard to get started...

    you don't wanna see what we have ahead of us in the next few weeks, or our basement - yikes!

    we'll be thinking of you when we get to it ;-)

  10. Jam - Last night the wife told me to slow down or I wouldn't have anything to do this weekend. I just laughed.
    Good luck on yours as well.