Friday, November 25, 2011

I Said I Wouldn't Do It But I Did IT

 Yup I did it. I went into town on Black Friday but I only got plumbing parts. To heck with the masses, those people were crazy.

The black pipe I used was a little more expensive than I remembered and what made it worse, I had to pay full price for the stuff.
I was afraid to use PVC inside the box because the plastic pipe is only rated for 180 degrees.
When the sun was out the other day the inside of the box was already at 180 degrees and the glass was not even sealed yet.

As you can see in this picture I used PVC pipe and fittings I already had once I got outside the Heating chamber.

All the black pipe is plumbed in now and I was able to pressurize the tank for the first time and check for leaks.
After no leaks were found, I sealed it up by putting a foam window sealer around the opening and then gently clamping the glass in place. I also put in a thermometer so I can see just how hot it gets.

The rain is suppose to set in tomorrow so I will have to wait till Monday for any sun. I figure while it's raining I will work on the inside plumbing and see how far I get with what I have on hand.

What made the day even better was the oldest girl came out to help dear old dad.

I caught her playing with my camera and a optic lens I had laying around.    


  1. I don't think that going to the hardware store counts as "Black Friday" shopping, so you're off the hook. Besides, you needed to beat the rain, didn't you?

  2. I was funny Dave, I told the lady that checked me out at Ace, "I was here at midnight waiting for you to open, what gives" She just looked at me like I was a nut.

  3. You did brave the masses! Did you get pepper sprayed? lol

  4. That's funny SFG. No but I wanted to do it to a few of the drivers.

  5. Black Friday marks the time of the year when I hate to even enter any stores at all until the beginning of the new year. There are to many people and my volitile nature tries to rear it's ugly head. It is just better if I do one of two things. Stay away from stores as much as possible and or go when most people are sleeping.

    Regarding the bathhouse, looking good MDR. I was talking about it on Thanksgiving with my son-in-law. He was concerned with the mass of the tank being so large that it won't heat as effecently as one would like. I'll have to report back to him when it is all said and done.

  6. MDR - you are even braver than i thought! heading out on Black Friday - ewwww scarey! but i loved what you said to the clerk - bahahahah!

    the bathroom is looking awesome and i can't wait for another update.

    so glad the girl was there with you...i think she's a daddy's girl and i think that you are her sweet daddy.

    there is NOTHING more wonderful in the world than to have a sweet daddy!

    your friend,

  7. mdr:

    i would love to have you on hand for any project i would be working on - your attention to detail blows my mind!!

  8. I think that was a good call on the PVC, just from a stand point of what I have seen our sun heat do by itself to PVC frames for shade covers. THE PVC that is exposed gets brittle from heat fast.

  9. I will give you the low down when the sun comes back out G

    Thanks Kymber, it was nice.

    Jam It is because trial and error buddy. Age does have it's benefits.

    I know Texan, I have had PVC burst in the sun just laying on the ground while pressurized. This will be triple the heat.

  10. Looking good. Its not age, its experience, or learning from your mistakes. LOL. The more you make the more experienced you are. ROTFL

  11. You are certainly braver than I! No way would I trust the streets here in Houston on "Black Friday!"

    More and more I'm thinking I need to be gone!