Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weekend Bachelor

Today is mine and the wife's twentieth year anniversary and what a way to spend it.
She said last year that she wanted to go someplace for this once in a lifetime special occasion and she did. This morning she left with her aunt to Mississippi and won't be back till Sunday. So that makes me a bachelor this weekend.

I spent my first evening of freedom just like anyone married for twenty years would, taking care
of the animals, cooking dinner and doing a little more work on the solar cooker.
I put the bottom and sides on with plywood and 4" thick high density foam for the insulation. I went to the barn and rounded up the glass, mirrors, metal flashing and a few more odds and ends to try and get this thing cooking this weekend. I am a little shy on plywood but maybe I can find a scrap piece laying around the job site tomorrow if I'm lucky.
So far everything I have used is scrap I dug out of trash piles at work. Just today I brought home a pickup load of landscape timbers, 2x4's and 4x4's ranging from two feet to six feet long.
Like I said, they are all scrap and I would not use them for fine furniture but it works great for the stuff I build and the price is right.


  1. Really enjoy reading your blog, it is alot like our life around here so we must be rednecks too.. Keep posting about your progress on the solar cooker. I've been wanting one myself and I'm sure we have enough "Junk" lying around here to make one too. :)

  2. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck right? As you have read, I take pride in being a redneck. Even though it may be a little harder than living with a silver spoon sticking out of your mouth, it gives so much more self worth.
    I may not have the materials to finish the oven this weekend but I should get close. The original plan was to have it be self tracking with the sun but I think that is out the window for now. My biggest concern is the angle of the glass.
    Thanks for the comment and I will keep you informed.

  3. Congrats on the anniversary. My husband and I haven't even been married five years, let alone twenty, and I keep telling him I'm going to put him under the trailer to live:) The man drives me crazy:) Of course if it were any other way I might get bored:) All joking aside, congrats on the 20th...not many people make it half that far now days....I hope I will be one of the ones that do:)

  4. Thanks for the congrats woodsprite.
    If it wasn't for both of our stubbornness to put up with each other then I'm sure it would not have lasted this long.
    Hang in there and you will make it.