Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Arrivals

Before I get into the exciting news about the new arrivals here at the Mini Farm I want to give an up date on how the weekend plans played out.

I did get the one major project that was needed the most done today and just in time too. The cross fence was needed in order to start populating the mini farm with other animals besides chickens. My three angels of mercy came out just in time this morning when I needed more than two hands to finish the job. Thanks for your help girls.

The pile of material that was to be a rabbit hutch is still a pile but, I have come up with a much easier and quicker plan than to build it from scratch. That is for next weekend tho.

I did not get a chance to run the gutter system for the smaller rain water harvest system today, that is also on the plan for next weekend.

I can't wait any longer. Now for the exciting news.
I stopped work at 10:00 this morning because I needed to get to church. By noon it was already 103 degrees so I figured another wasted day of sitting around in the AC working on the web page. I just happen to click on Craigs list under the farm and garden section and saw an add for some mini pygmy goats. When I called the lady she said to just come and get them free of charge. I told her I would be there in 45 minutes. So here you go, nine pygmy goats for free.

But I'm not done yet,

At the time I did not know that taking the goats also meant taking their protector. Now we have a five year old Great Pyrenees named Jake. This dog, even with as little human contact as he has had, his personality is one of the best I have seen. As I tell you this he has circled the goats in the middle of the pen and is walking around them, on guard. I think I like this dog.

But I'm not done yet.

While there, we ended up loading three mini horses and yes they were free. The gray one is named Diago and is three years old. His mate is named Tiffany and she is eight I think and we were told she is pregnant. Their baby is named "Baby" and is believed to be around eight to nine months old. All three stand no taller than 3 to 3 1/2 feet tall.
I wasn't really ready for mini horses yet but for the price I can adapt.

But I'm not done yet.

My youngest girl was with my dad picking up some chickens from a guy when she came across this goose. I have given up on looking for geese due to they are $25.00 each. We needed them for snake prevention but the epidemic has made the prices skyrocket. She managed somehow to get this goose for free and named it "Pippi".

And I'm still not done.

At the same place where we got the goats, dog and horses, the lady gave my wife three inside birds with big nice cages. I don't know the make or model of the birds but I did catch that one of them was a mini parrot.
Plus each animal we got today came with it's own food.

The wife and I were just talking the other day about project money being tight and not being able to move forward as fast as we planned with the growth of the mini farm. Today we met some good people. I am blessed I was able to spend just a couple of hours with the lady and her daughter. They had to get ride of the animals for personal reasons and just wanted them to go to a good home. I understand her thinking on not being able to give her baby's to just anyone and thank them so much for helping with the growth of the mini farm.
I gave them the blog address so they could keep up with the animals they love so much.

(To them) Look at it this way. Now you can continue to see them, how they are doing and see how much they are loved, all without the food bill. Thank you again.


  1. Well I'm in the market for some free chickens and turkeys. Good for you! You have your hands full!

  2. Izzy,
    Thank you for your comment. I checked out your blog and you have all the makings of a good redneck. I love your new place and the huts.
    I agree with you on having my hands full. It's a catch 22 so to speek. I can either sit on the couch and do nothing just to vacation once a year or spend the money and time at home and vacation year around while living the dream.
    I am going for option two.

  3. What a blessing Redneck! Love the goats, Mike won't allow goats here*sigh* We decided when we started our homestead adventure that all animals that lived here had to have a purpose. We don't eat goat meat and Mike rufuses to try goatmilk. We don't eat ducks or geese either and have chickens and turkeys for eggs. In fact we're looking to cut back our flock of turkeys and chickens( Izzy where you located, we're in MT) due to ever rising grain costs and lack of eggs and meat customers. So... we're going back to the original plan to raise animals for our own use, keeping enough hens to supply our few loyal egg customers though.

    Your farm is growing, by leaps and bounds*wink*

  4. Kelle, Thank you for your comment.
    That was the plan. Not to grow or raise anyhting we did not eat or use for the purpose to raise what we eat. The goats are not for food, they are for the milk. Pygmy goat milk is the richest milk you can find and makes the best cheese. Plus, when made into soap, it heals many skin problems. Maybe you can use that as a selling point to the hubby. The goose is for the snakes and bugs and is such a ham for the camera.