Friday, August 6, 2010

On The Level

Another cool front moved in just in time for us to scramble to get the concrete in the holes before the rain hit. The wife went up to the local hardware store today and asked if they had any broken concrete bags. Sure enough they did and they only charged $1.00 for each one. Not bad considering they are regular $3.85 for a 80# bag.
So after all that hurried work, the rain went to the East of us. Well, at least it got done.
Tomorrow I plan to do some Southern Engineering on the gate and then rip the landscape timbers for the rails so I can finish the fence.
Don't worry, it will look good.

Other plans include #1. Getting measurements, a material list and a cost estimate for fencing off the middle section so the mini horses will have more pasture. I am just about out of material so I'm afraid it's going to be costly. #2. Bring up some compost to ready the beds for fall planting.

"Who said that?"


  1. I always say, it doesn't hurt to ask. What are they going to do, take your birthday away, no they'll either say "yes" or they'll say "no".

    I've gotten some wonderful deals and been blessed by lots of FREE stuff just by asking or putting out the word we're looking for.....

    Yep, turned our compost pile the other day, it's breaking down nicely, as is our manure pile :o)

    Blessings for your weekend,

  2. Kelle, My compost has just about stopped composting. I put it so far away from the house I can't water it unless I haul water to it and it has not rained. It will still break down, it will just take a lot longer. Needless to say, I will not be using it on this round of getting the gardens ready like I thought, but it will be there for it next year. Thanks for the comment and have a great weekend.

  3. I live in a trailer park. I am the only one here with a garden. My garden produced great this year and because everyone is having financial problems I shared my bounty with many of my neighbors. I started a compost pile behind my trailer to recycle the by products of the garden. The neighbor out back of me, who also benefited from my bounty tattled on me for my compost pile. He's afraid it's going to draw in wildlife. It probably will, but what's the harm in that? We already have raccoons and skunks so what harm can my pile cause. He's not getting any veggies next year!

  4. I lived my whol life without neighbors up till I moved from the farm to the City about five years ago. The first week I was in town I had a house warming party and got on the wrong side of all my neighbors. Since the relationships were already shot, that's when I decided to make the compost pile, the chicken pens and the burn pit. It really set them off when I set up the quail pens. I figured that if they did not like me already then why not go ahead and make the best of it for me. I broke many city rules while I was there and I can still see my one neighbors face when I told them I was moving to back out to the country. Oh happy days for them.
    Thank you for your comment.