Monday, August 23, 2010

It Bothers Me When......

I was sent an email from one of the blog readers this weekend who read the Modern Day Redneck web page. The reader was very short and to the point with his/her comment of, "You are screwed on your idea of living without credit or credit cards, it cannot be done in this day and age."

This is the text on the web page the reader is referring to.

Top 5 Going Redneck Tips

  1. Stop keeping up with the Jones. Let them live in credit card dept, you do not have to. It is not the American way. Reduce you impulse buying habits and pay with good ole American cash.
Well reader, I have not had a credit card for over ten years now and the only difference is, I have to wait a little longer to buy something and I do not have to make payments.
As far as financing my housing and transportation, that is a choice not a have to.
No I did not have the money or the time to save it like some people and pay cash for my truck and house but I could have rented a home and drove a $1000.00 truck if I wanted to and be debt free. I chose not to.

What I was mainly talking about was, stop trying to impress the people that do not matter. Why in the world would you want to have $1500 a month or more in car payments, $2000 a month or more in a house payment and then have to charge your groceries on your card and pay interest on the food you have already eaten a month ago because you want to be in the yard of the month club.
Why would you want to be a part of the "in crowd" if the only way to get into it is if the wife is driving a $50,000 sport utility vehicle with $800 a month payment and you have to put your kids $40 yearbook on a credit card.

I am not saying I have it all figured out. Just the other day I was told I was throwing money down a rats hole because I live in a mobile home. But here's the difference, I did not run out because someone I truly care about told me that and get a $200,000 FHA loan for a house I cannot afford just to invite them over, stick out my chest and say "Look at me" and then go in and heat up my three day old beans because I could not afford real food.

To tie this all in and end this little soap box I am on I will say one last thing. I feed, clothe and support my children, my wife, myself and all these animals with hard earned American cash from me, not the government, not on credit, and not on loans. Why is it then people like me are criticized, scrutinized and belittled for doing so? That's what bothers me.


  1. Because we're WEIRD, Redneck and me and anyone like us who avoid debt. My husband goes to work tomorrow for the first time in over 16 months. If we had NOT been debt-free, as self-sufficient as possible and very frugal, we would not have fared so well with SIXTEEN months of not having a job! We do have credit cards, but have not carried a balance on them in over 10 years. We only have them because the work my husband did before the big lay off involved extensive travel and he had to put hotels, meals and rental cars on them while he was out of town. They were paid in full as soon as the bills came in.

    Debt-free living takes freedom to a new dimension. People who have never experienced it have trouble believing in it. Kind of sad for them, huh?

  2. Hubby and I cut up the credit cards over seven years ago and havent missed them once. Our grandparents didnt need credit cards and they did all right. We lost everything but the clothes on our backs and our vehicles back 1996 to a flood. Going through that you learn what is important and it isnt stuff! As long as you have a roof over your head, food on the table and people you love around you why would you need anything else? Kinda low to send you an email about that anyway.

  3. Don't let them naysayers get you down. You've obviously proven that it can be done and that ninny doesn't know what he or she is talking about. I applaud you for choosing to live the way you live.

  4. I hate to squash this person's bubble but we've been living; Cash ONLY for over 12yrs now. We also are 100% debt free! It can be done you just have to want badly enough NOT to be indebted to anyone! I have a tidbit of other news, we also are a WALMART free family, never even stepping inside the one closest store to us( yes I've been inside others and did buy tolietry items and dogfood but that is it.) and you know what, we are doing fine and dandy.

    Redneck don't let them get you down, keep you words of wisdom coming for those who are looking to achieve a debt free life. Keep it coming and let the nay sayers shed off your back like water on a duck. :o)
    Blessings and HUGS,

  5. I'm glad you have so many people watching your back! I totally agree. We lived the credit card rat race, but we diligently worked to pay it all off, and now we're cash only. I believe his/her problem is they are not ready to face the realities of what is happening around them. As citizens we've spent ourselves into huge debt, as we copied and believed the lies our govt told us; get out there and spend! Look at the state of our economy, based on the same ill thinking. How happy and content will his life be, when he has no room left on his credit card for future purchases, how will he continue to eat? We have our gardens, my children will not go hungry.

  6. I'll give my 2 cents.. we've lived credit free for the last year. all our cars are paid for, and the land we live on is paid for... I really do not want to ever have to make payments on anything again...

  7. Wow what a great response to me ranting and raving.
    Don't get me wrong, I did not get offended or down by either the skewed ideas or the rat hole comments. I did get a little mad at first but then I thought of this, If people feel like they have to attack me or my way of life even though they themselves are not the ones who have to live it or is paying for it, then that means I have hit a nerve, stepped outside the box so to speak. I have never been the one for normality or going with the crowed anyway. What I preach about the most is "who cares what they think" and this blog shows that it is not easy and even the ones closest to you may not understand or support what you are doing.
    My chin is up, my muscles are sore and my shirt is stained with sweat. I will sleep tonight because I am tired and when I shave in the morning I will be able to look straight into the eyes of the guy looking back at me and not be ashamed.
    Thank everyone for the comments and I hope the reader comes back to read what you all wrote.

  8. Don't worry about what the haters think. They are all just jealous of the freedom you have while they are stuck in a 9-5 they hate because they can't pay their credit card bills. Keep doing what you do. It's folks like you that are going to pave the way to a sustainable world.

  9. Thank you Kalkaline for the comment. You hit the nail right on the head with that one.

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    I admire your Desire to look after your own family in an hones way. Debt is the dumbest thing any human can get into. Its a form of modern slavery. You become a slave to the banks for what? You ego. Live a simple debt free life and sleep soundly at night.
    Well done - I admire you.
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