Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is It Over Already?

Is summer coming to an end already? I was just getting used to it.........
Today they said was the last of the 100 degree days for this year. For the next week or so it will only be in the upper 90's and then start it's gradual decrease from there.
A small front moved in this afternoon I almost smelt fall. Ok, maybe it was just in my mind be it sure smelt good.
I took some time today to redesign my solar cooker. The old design was just to bulky and not as functional as I wanted. This new design will accommodate up to four dutch ovens at a time compared to only two with the other one. If the weather is good this weekend I might try and start on it.

Some out of town friends are stopping by for a tour of the mini farm. They have not been here in a while and are excited to meet all the animals.
I have put all the animals on their best behavior, but you know how children are.

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