Thursday, August 5, 2010


The heat wave broke just a little at around 5:00 PM today just as I was getting off work. The sky clouded up, the wind started to blow and a few drops of rain even fell on my windshield. The temp dropped I bet 10 degrees to a manageable 95. That was all it took, as soon as I got home we hit the backyard running.

And talk about ASAP, just yesterday I was talking about putting up this fence as quick as I could. I rummaged around the wood pile and came up with enough lumber to do the split rail fence. Some of this lumber was going to be used for more raised beds but this fence is needed a little more right now. This fence will section off the gardens from the horses so I can still put in the fall salad bed at the end of the month without fear of it being eaten. The wife is picking up some concrete tomorrow and I plan to set the posts after work then finish the fence on Saturday. The fence is only three feet tall for two reasons. #1, The horses arn' t but 3 feet tall. #2, I did not want to block the view into the chicken and goat yard. And one other thing, the girls do not do all the work while I just sit around drink beer and take pictures, but they are the biggest help and I could not get as much done as I do without them.
The wife and the girls worked all day out back organizing and cleaning. The yard looks great, so a big thanks to them, one less thing I have to do this weekend.

"What's that you got there, can I eat it?"

I wanted to give a big howdy to some new readers.
Welcome to the Modern Day Redneck family and I hope you either learn what not to do or at least get a big laugh while reading our day to day adventures. If you need anything or have any questions you can email me at Thanks again for hanging around and please feel free to leave comments, I try to respond to every one of them.


  1. Ain't it awful when 95 degrees constitutes a cool front? But I love Texas ...there's nowhere else I'd rather be!

    Good job on your mini-pen. As long as the top rail is eye level or better, they are not likely to try to go over it. Besides, with a three foot fence, YOU can simply step over if you need to. Ha!

  2. My point exactly WomanWhoRunsWithHorses. I am getting to many gates and it is starting to be a pain to move around. I spend most of the time opening and shutting gates so a fence I can just step over is great.
    Did yall get any of that rain that came through tonight?
    Tanks for the comment.

  3. No, we didn't get any rain ...I wish we had. The garden gets watered, but everything else is starting to look parched again. At least this area had decent rainfall this spring, so hay is available and at a decent price.

    I know what you mean about gates. All of our enclosed areas have two, if not three, gates. Gates are the expensive part of the fence too because you have to put an 'H' support on both sides to support the end of the fence.

    Good idea asking for broken bags of concrete. I never thought of that! We like to keep a bag or two around just in case. Our driveway is long and dirt/gravel. Sometimes a dip will develop along one of the wheel tracks. The dip holds water when it rains, which softens the ground even more and the dip expands. We catch them early and drop a bag of concrete in the puddle. No mixing, just put it in dry and smooth it flat. Don't drive over it for a few days and it firms up the ground. Concrete is right up there with duct tape and baling wire to me ...gotta have some laying around, just in case!

  4. I haven't met a farmer yet that didn't have all three laying around for just that right occasion. I tell you this, there has been several times when I would not have made it home unless I walked if it weren't for bailing wire. That is one of those little blessings God gave us I guess.