Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's In

The wife and I planted the Mulit Cultural Salad Fall Garden today hoping for better luck with this round of planting than with the last.
Besides "The Three Sisters" experiment a month ago, this is first time I have ever multi culture planted. I read all about this and square foot gardening and think this is the best way I can make the most of the limited space I have.
We prepped the raised bed about two weeks ago by adding layers of rabbit manure, mulch, compost and shredded paper to improve the soil, so if this does not go well I can blame the prep work.
It is still hot here and I am a little afraid to plant right now because I do not want the tinder seedlings to sprout and then get burnt up, but being impatient I cannot wait any longer and went ahead and got the seeds in the ground. If they do burn up then hopefully I will have time to replant.
This is what I planted:
Butter Crunch Lettuce, Ruby Red Lettuce, Little Finger Carrots, Romaine Lettuce, Golden Acre Cabbage, Spinach and just to see if it would grow, Parsley.
After fluffing the dirt up, I broadcast seeded each one over the entire bed (4X8). Then lightly covered and watered it in.
I will start the Swiss Chard in a separate bed in about two weeks and transplant into the salad bed when holes develop due to harvesting. Two weeks after planting the Swiss Chard is when I will start the Kale in another bed and do the same with it. The Kale should last up till late winter.

The idea is to have fresh salad every night straight from the garden to the table.
If this all goes well, next year I plan to incorporate eatable flowers into the diet.


  1. Sounds yummy! We're getting ready to do our fall planting too. We had a light rain today, really cooled things off. We went from 102 to 93 in about an hour. Who knew 93 degrees could feel cool?!?

    We only got about 1/4 inch of rain, but we had the same two days ago. If we would just get that much every other day, things would sure perk up.

    Hope all is well with the critters.

  2. So far so good with the animals. We did get a little sprinkle yesterday morning and the high for yesterday was 96. But the cool front has pushed back into OK and we are back to the 100's.
    Thanks for the comment,