Friday, August 20, 2010

Just A Couple Of Things

The weekend has really not been planned out yet so there is just a couple of things on the books to get done before it gets to hot tomorrow.

I found some stain I did not know I had so the first thing to do is for me and the youngest to get the unstained sections of the fence stained before we loose them to the weather. They are already starting to warp up some and if we wait to much longer they will have to be replaced.
Tonight we opened the gallon can to see how much was in it and stained one board to make sure it was the right color we used before on the other sections. One of the horses came up from behind unnoticed and kicked the can over and we lost all that was in it. That was the last little bit we had.
Just so happens the neighbor was over and saw what happen and offered a can of the same color. That makes them alright in my book. The husband of the neighbor is even planning a worm bed. He says I am rubbing off on him.

Another major to do is fixing the gate where the big dog decided he wanted out. I did not build these pens for big dogs and it shows. It was all built for mini animals.

I also plan to figure and lay out for the temporary horse shelter. The main structure will be built out of an old trampoline frame to create the arch and then just tarped for the time being.

Garden note;
What is left of the cantaloupes after the horses took their turn are just about ready. These were the last thing the mother-in-law planted so we plan to save the seeds for next years planting. We also have seeds from my mother's cantaloupes and the plan is to plant both every year and save the seeds so when the kids start there own gardens they can have seeds from Nana's and Mamaw's gardens to start with.

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