Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hee Haw!

I decided not to take a couple of days off from work this week because it is so hot all I would do at home is sit in the house and complain about it being to hot and in the mean time getting nothing done anyway. So at least I am doing something.

Saying that, the plan for the weekend is to make that trip down to the old farm and pick up a load or two of things I never thought I would need but really do need now. Five years later and I am still moving stuff, go figure.
I can bet you I will say the same thing I have said the last few times I have made the trip and that is, this is the last trip I am making. Oh, I can't say that either because we are having a wood cutting party there in October. Ok, then that will be the last trip. Well then there is.........

The wife did not want me to put this picture on here but it is to funny not to.

All he is doing is yawning but the picture makes it look like a very bad thing is fixen to happen.


  1. This is the time of year I have to remind myself just exactly why it is I want to live in Texas. The only weather variations are hot and humid with a chance of rain ...and hot and humid with pouring rain. But 30 or 40 more days and we will have perfect outdoor weather.

    Love the picture!

    : )

  2. The middle daughter was in the right place at the right time to snap this one. Thank yall for the comments.

  3. Coming in late but that is a great photo! Thanks for sharing it, it made me smile after a LONG day of weeding. Trying to get caught up again before Cortney leaves again for a week*sigh* I need a vacation, where's the Calgon? LOL!!! This next week will be vcation time off from Mike's paid job and work, work, work around here. :o) I'm envisioning the "Honey Do list" shortening!

  4. Kelle,
    The problem with taking vacations are, when you get back home you are now further behind than when you left.