Monday, August 30, 2010

On Papaw and Mamaw's Farm

When I went over to Mom and Dad's Saturday evening to weld up the stand for the solar cooker. While I was there I took some time to take some picture and see some of the new projects they have been working on.

This is his solar dehydrator he just started making. Instead of still air cooking like the solar oven, the dehydrator draws the air in from the bottom into the collector (pictured leaning on the wall). The collector will be attached to the bottom of the box (where the holes are) with glass on top of it to heat the air as it draws it through. I small vent stack will be installed in the top of the box to help the air flow.
This will be one of my projects in the future so I am letting him be the Ginni Pig for this one.

Dad built this little chicken plucker about a month ago. It runs off a variable speed drill motor and is easily strapped to the table. The little black fingers are bungee cords. He has a prep station set up with a kill cone (made from an old traffic cone), a hot water bath, the plucker and a cleaning and washing table. I am going to make me one of these too one of these days.

This is his chicken tractor he built last winter. He puts his broody hens in here and the newly hatched chicks stay in this until they can be put out in the young pullet pen.

The apple does not fall far from the tree does it?

The Speckled Sussex chicken was recognized as a distinct breed in 1914. I love the color of these birds.

It was getting dark and I needed to get home but there are a ton more things that would make for good pictures and for reading. Like the home made grain cart, the outdoor kitchen and BBQ pit areas, their chick brooder set up, all the restored antique tractors, all of the foods and techniques that mom puts by and much much more. So if I start running thin on things to talk about, you know where I will be headed.

I can't help but laugh every time I look at this picture.
No matter what mood you are in, just look at this goat and you will start laughing. Am I wrong?

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  1. That last picture does make you laugh ...especially if you Imagine Billy Crystal saying 'hellooooo!' like he does in the movie City Slickers. LOL