Sunday, August 22, 2010

Round and Round

The youngest daughter was up and out early to finish off the staining of the fence. I think more got on her than the fence though.
I need a few more 2x4's to finish the fence completley and now another gallon of stain. We had just enough to stain just what could be seen from the house so the backside is still raw wood.

Me and this trampoline horse shelter idea is going round and round. I cannot get or figure the right combination to make this work the way I want it. I want to make this portable but yet it has to be sturdy and not blow away this winter.

It will all come together just after I throw a big enough fit.


  1. The fence looks good, redneck! The mini-shelter will look good too once you get the kinks worked out.

    Good ol' fashioned 'wall-eyed fits' seem to work best for us. Once we get wound enough to pitch one of those, everything seems to fall into place.

    : )

  2. As I get older I try and make those fits happen less and less but sometimes it just feels good.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I agree, a good tantrum should do the trick! Better yet, have a small tantrum, leave the project for a few days, and just think on it. Somehow the right answer will seem to just come along all on its own. If that doesn't work, finish the tantrum, and grab a large roll of duck tape. Good luck!

  4. LOL, so true.
    Thanks for the comment lzzy.