Saturday, August 14, 2010

It Was A Doozy Today

I thought I was going to get a head start on today but when I went out to feed and water all the animals, it took me a good hour or so and I ended up starting the day off behind schedule. Everyone is such picky eaters. They have to have their own food put in their bowl in their own space and all the water has to be refreshed and topped off, heck I don't even spoil my children like this.

We ended up picking up our friends D&R and running over to a little public auction this one town has every two weeks. There are some pretty good deals if you know how to work it. I did learn something today, you can throw the whole BFF thing out the window when you get two women in a auction wanting the same thing.
We came home with some old wash tubs the wife told me later she is going to use for the animals feed and water.
I thought she got them because she wanted to help save money and was going to start doing laundry the old way. I was so proud when she was bidding on them.

The trip to the old farm was uneventful. By the time we got there it was already so hot we really did not want anything. I did get the old trampoline frame for the temporary horse shade and some landscape timbers I had stashed to make some more raised beds.

Tomorrow is mowing. Even with no rain the weeds are still growing. This should be the last time till fall.


  1. surely you really didn't think I was going to use them as wash tubs? I love doing a lot of things but washing cloths by hand is not one of them. lol. Also the wash tubs will be used for fabric scraps. :)

  2. Oh, my bad. I thought they were for feed and water. So that makes them even more useless.