Sunday, August 15, 2010

No Relief

The cool front, temperature drop and rain the weather men have been promising for the past two weeks stalled out at the Red River and never made here. It was raining just ten miles to the North. The forecast for next week is nothing but 100 degree every day.
Saying all that, the only thing that got done today was early morning mowing and the taking care of the animals.
We take care of everyone three times a day because of the heat by spraying cool water in the shaded areas for the goats and chickens, taking ice out to the rabbits who has fans on them and refilling their water twice a day.
Today was hotter than usual though, the heat index was 110 with absolutely no breeze. The wife went out for the 3:00 watering and found four of the heavy breed chickens and the buck rabbit dead.
For the past couple of days we have been watching the rabbits because they are not drinking or eating as much as they should but we thought it was just the heat that was making them lazy. That is why we upped the ice blocks to gallon size and kept the fans running 24/7. The buck was just at breeding age with a great bloodline. I was really looking forward in seeing his offspring.

The chickens are the three year old heavy breed cochins that were some of our breeding stock. We do have some younger chicks from this rooster so maybe we can keep his look.

It was a bad day here at the mini farm with no relief in site.
One step Forward, Three steps Back.

In Memory of Stud Muffin.


  1. I'm sorry for the losses today, Redneck. Heat is a killer for rabbits. But sounds like you're doing all you can. Let's hope fall will be on time or early this year, for all our sakes.

  2. Sorry for the losses! When I was a child my Dad raised rabbits( New Zealand Giants, I think?) and I remember him soaking burlap sacks in water and hanging on the cage fronts, then running a fan in front of them. He also used ice blocks but I do remember rabbits dying as well*sigh*

    When it's really hot here we put out rubber tubs( shallow enough none of the chickens will drown in and keep it filled with cold water, they LOVE to stand in it! You can also wet them down, just don't use ice cold water and as they dry( evaporation) they will feel cooler. Hope this helps and praying you don't suffer any further losses. :o(

  3. We have a fan out in the chicken run and a fan in the coop. It has been miserably hot here too. We did get rain yesterday and today but not enough. Still have crunchy grass and the garden is a total loss at this point. We also check our chicks three times a day if not more and change their water three times a day. We were really worried how they would react to this heat but so far so good. I hope you dont have any more losses before fall. Will you be getting another buck? And does this take down your total chickens down to where you will need to get some more? At least with the rain missing us DH didnt have to worry about cutting the grass. May cool breezes come your way!!!

  4. WomanWhoRunsWithHorses,
    The only other thing I could do is bring everything in the house and what a mess that would be.
    We shower them with cool water now but it does not last long. I like the burlap and rubber tub idea, thanks.
    I will have to get another buck. I still want to breed the Flemish Giants for show. The chickens will be getting replaced but I think we will go with a new breed. The wife wants to try the Frizzle breed to see if they sell around here.

    Thank yall for your comments and have a great week.