Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's that Smell?

 You guessed it, saw dust. That smell is the smell of progress in my book.

I got home a little early from work yesterday and went ahead and pulled the trigger on the weekend build. All I was able to get done last night was decking the floor and laying out the walls.

 Today was a different story. The wife and the youngest came down with me and just went to it. That youngest girl of mine is getting real good on the screw gun and has turned into the best little helper. She even has her own tool belt full of everything she needs and I bet here will be a time when I won't be needed on these builds anymore. 
My Dad even stopped by and lent a hand. There is something about experience that comes in handy when youth cannot help you.

 We worked until all the wood was gone. I drew it, measured it and dreamed about it for weeks and still came up short on the wood. I need 15 more 2x4s and 1 more piece of plywood. I thought I had enough to do the doors but......
Tomorrow I plan to at least get the wire on and the doors built. The outside runs will come later. As long as I get it all done by March there is no rush.
Next week the weather is turning nasty and cold so we are trying to get everything done this weekend. 

 If you are wondering why there is a wood top on a chicken pen, it is for storage space. If I did not build the top then I would not have a place to build anything else in the barn. This gives me a place to put all the junk I have collected that I will never use but cannot though away. 


  1. Lookin' good, Redneck!

    Good for your daughter. I think girls should learn basic construction and basic vehicle maintenance skills and boys should learn how to push a vacuum and run a washing machine ...having a spouse to do those things for them one day will be a plus, but it's just good for them to be able to do things for themselves if they need to.

  2. The coope is looking good!!!! And yes, it is good to get some help every once in a while. lol

  3. Thank yall for the comments. WWRWH, the wife and I have always taught the girls to never rely on a man to do everything for you. We have always told them to learn for yourself and earn for yourself so they will never be stuck in a bad or abusive relationship with no hope. They will know how to make it on their own.
    SFG, That is one of the best things about projects. The people around here(Rednecks) always love to show their support and lend a helping hand when needed.