Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What a Sport!

The oldest with her big catch of the day

The wife is such a team player. She agreed to take the list and my truck tomorrow and get all the lumber for the big build this weekend (what could go wrong). I would, but my company truck is a light weight when it comes to carrying big loads and if I had to make the run this weekend then I am wasting valuable building time. Plus it has a good chance for more rain this weekend and if it does then there is no way we will be able to drive to the barn. It has just now dried out enough to get down there.  With her making the run, it is a real big help. What a sport.

We separated a couple of 9 week old baby goats from their momma last weekend and even though they are just now getting used to the idea of not being with her we found one little flaw to the weaning pen, not enough shelter. So Friday night after work the plan is to build a quick little place for the babies to get out of the wind and rain for the weekend. I have enough scrap wood laying around to make them a nice comfy home.        


  1. I think your wife is a keeper for sure! I think we all want to see some baby pics though :)

  2. I have kept her for 20 years now. I don't see any reason to trade her in for a new one yet.
    I got the baby pics by the dozens. The youngest sneaks the camera out and I don't know about it till I download. Then I think I am only downloading two or thee pics, I end up with 20 or 30.
    I will post some tomorrow. Thanks for the comment Denise.

  3. Teamwork matters more than finances and ideas in the long run. You can accomplish almost anything if you're both on the same team!

    Glad you had enough scraps to cobble together a shelter for the kids (goat kids, of course!) but keep your eye out for cheap-often-free plastic dog houses. I've been offered half a dozen of those things over the years. Didn't need them myself at the time, but helped to find others who did. They don't have much resale value used and people who no longer need them often give them away. The traditional shaped ones (not the 'igloo shape') are perfect for small critters to huddle in during bad weather. I have two in my yard and have caught the hens napping in them from time to time. They would work for your baby goats too.

    : )

  4. WWRWH, We are using all those dog houses for nesting boxes for the geese. They come in handy for so many things.
    Thank you for the comment.