Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Geese Of A Deal

Sometime awhile back I was talking about getting some Sebastopol Geese. The one thing that was holding me up was the price of them. At that time we found only one place remotely close that even had them and they were over $100.00 a piece. The wife did the next best thing and was put on the waiting list for hatching eggs this spring and we were going to hatch them out ourselves.
Even the eggs cost more than I was really willing to pay. I think they were $180.00 a dozen. Given my hatch rate at around 40%, that would mean I would get five live chicks. With my luck, three of them would have been ganders leaving only two hens. I am sure one of the hens would have died for some reason or another so for all that money I would end up with three males and one female. I am not being a pessimist, that's just how it goes here.
The wife scored a major find today. A lady was in need of money in a bad way to feed all her other animals decided to sell all three hens and a gander for half the cost of what we found for just one.
Bravo to the wife. Now we can set our own eggs and just maybe we can sell them for $180.00 a dozen.

Plus this lady is wanting to get completely out of the chicken, duck and other animal business, materials and all and is writing up a package deal for us. I doubt I can afford it but you never know. It all depends how bad she wants out.        


  1. Excellent find! Be sure to let us know if you work something out on the rest of her stuff. Those deals are hard to come by and so exciting when you find one.


  2. Came across your blog because of the geese. (I googled) I have had Sebastapol geese. They are terrific. There is a premier breeder in Oregon that is liquidating their breeding stock. Check them out at Other than that there are some hatcheries that have them in limited numbers. Let me know what you think.


  3. Red Woman, That lady never got back with us the stuff. We left her messages but finally gave up. She has our number if she gets around to it.

    Sista, I am glad you found us, Welcome. I checked the website out and even called to see what they could do. I am looking for hatching eggs on the cheapo budget but they were not interested in selling eggs. Plus they have not come down on their prices any on the adult birds and even if they did some, the shipping charges make it to expensive for me. Thank you for the info though. I have them saved and plan to keep checking on them if they get real serious about selling stuff on the cheap.