Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's Not My Fault

This other morning our Great Dane "Duke" stuck his nose to mine while I was sleeping. This is what he does to wake one of us up to let him outside. At 4:20 AM I just pushed him away and mumbled to no one, "Give me ten more minutes". I heard him run around the other side of the bed where the wife sleeps and I just grinned because now I could go back to dream land and she would have to get up and let him out.
I felt her side of the bed bend down and glanced over my shoulder to the big silhouette crawling up on the bed. Being that Duke is 170 pounds I needed to show him who was the boss plus, I did not want him climbing over the wife and hurting her. Reaching back and with a firm voice and a strong backhand, I slapped him and told him "No, get down!"   
What I felt at point of contact was soft smooth skin, not course rough dog hair. The next thing I knew the world as I knew it came to an end. The wife started screaming, crying and hollering and in the throws of absolute turmoil she asked what and why I hit her. All I could answer was "Next time you better listen to me" Yea, that went over just as good as the back hand did.
We ended up laughing it off, or at least I did and now two weeks later I am still making it up to her. All I can say is that is wasn't my fault.     


  1. Hate to admit it but I was rolling on the floor laughing, please apologize to your wife*wink*

    At our house the dogs know who to wake up, waking Mike is like waking the dead, LOL!!!

    I also admit that our dogs get up on the bed for 5-10 minutes each morning and lately my dog, Tuffy, anticipates the alarm and jumps up 5-10 minutes early. Hey, he's smart he gets 10-20 minutes up on the bed.LOL!!! Of course our well mannered Aussie wait until he is invited, at least we have one well mannered pooch. :o)

    Thanks for the giggle,

  2. Funny stuff! I wish I had a dog to recreate the moment and see if my wife would find it funny also

  3. Funny!!!One time Hubby was dreaming he was fighting someone. I ended up with a black eye. Oh ya, he still isn't living that one down. That was 12 years ago. heheheh. If truth be known, it really didn't hurt. But, don't tell him that. heheheehe

  4. Thank yall for the comments. The one problem now is I have to sleep with one eye open because I don't know what excuse she is going to give to pay me back.

  5. ok I laughed too, that is just bad!

    Though having owned a Great Dane many, many years ago... I kinda get it... they are the biggest couch, bed, loving dogs in the world!

    Um but maybe better you should look before you swat next time ROFL ROFL