Saturday, January 8, 2011

Got It Done

With the oldest girl jumping in to help me this morning, it did not take long to build the little shelves in the pantry area. This is still nowhere near the storage space we will need to house all the items we intend to keep. There was only one shelving unit we kept and put it in the hallway and it will be using for just the quick and always used items like bread, breakfast and lunch items.
The bulk items that are not used all at once like toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates and drinks are going in the closets. The first aid and personal hygiene items will be put in totes, labeled as such and stored in the hall on top of the old shelving unit.
A clip board is placed in easy access of all storage locations with a list of every item. Each item will be checked off as it is being used. At the end of the two week period an updated "On Hand" and "Needed" list will be printed and sent with the wife to the grocery store. If she has money left over from the food budget after getting the essentials, then at her choice she can pick from the needed column and shop from there adding to the storage bank.
It is really not as complicated as that just sounded, but as they say in the construction field, "It looks good on paper". Will it work, only if the list is kept up-to-date when items are being used. If not then a complete inventory will have to be done every month and as the storage grows that task will become to large to do in a timely manner.       

The pic below is the no good pile. It is amazing the amount of food we let go to waste because we did not have a rotation system in place.
Everything in this pile is way outdated, opened and never used up or stale.
Some of this can be used for chicken feed, some for worm feed and the rest is just compost.

Now I have to get everything ready for that winter blast everyone keeps talking about.


  1. Good for you, Redneck! You sure a good crew, always seem to be ready to pitch in and help.

    Yes, it is amazing what can go to waste if we're not careful. But I see some canned good in there. Maybe I'm old school, but canned is canned and if the can isn't swollen or bulging, I bet the contents are fine. Just my opinion, but I'd at least open a can and give it a smell test before I tossed it.

    : )

  2. I agree with WWRWH even if the cans date is six months out as long as it is not bulging or dented badly or rusted it should still be good the flour products may be stale if not opened check them before tossing do you have a dehydrator you could dry the canned stuff if you can't eat it all right away

  3. We are new at this too. We also have a clipboard with our inventory list on it. I hung a sharpie marker by a string near the clipboard so there is no excuse not to update the list when we remove something. So far it is working great!

  4. WWRWH, Anonymous,
    I went back though the pile of outdated items and did find a few cans that I went ahead and inventoried and put on the shelves. The majority were from the wife's Mom's house when she pasted and have expired in 2008 or early 2009. They were not swelled or dented but that is way to far out for me.

    Red Women,
    I think the sign out sheet is the key to it all. If it was just me and the wife it would not be a problem but re-training the kids will post the biggest challenge. They have always had the grab and go method.
    Thank you Red Woman for joining the Modern Day Redneck family.

    And thank yall for you comments.