Sunday, January 9, 2011

Somethings Missing

Here is our winter storm pic.

 The fury of the storm blew through just like they predicted. Every aspect of life here in North Texas has ceased. Those of us who live by satellite to get our information from the TV and internet were rendered helpless for most of the day.
The quite brought a refreshing sound to our everyday hustle. The only noises made were from the family living as if no contact to the outside world was a normal occurrence. But as I sat and enjoyed the peaceful fruits from my labor, something was missing. I could not put my finger on what it was or did I spend much time thinking on it, it was just not there.
All day it was hard to keep a smile from drifting across my face. A glowing bed of coals and the sound of crackling wood warmed my soul and sang music to my ears. A big pot of chicken and dumplings cooking on the stove drifted its scent throughout the whole house and at times sparked a bank of memories from my youth. But yet, there was still something not right and I did not know what is was, but it was not there.
In complete silence I watched from the frost covered kitchen window at the snow gracefully falling and coating the muddy landscape masking ugly with perfection. Sipping a hot cup of coffee I watched my half grown daughters play in the snow as if they were once again small children and this was their first winter wonderland.
Turing my attention away from the brutal snowball fight, I stoked the fire once more and welcomed the warmth it was giving me. Watching the hypnotizing glow of the embers, my mind drifted to that one thing that was missing and tried to place it.
I walked down the hall and over to the thermostat which read a comfortable 70 degrees and that is when it hit me. The one thing that was missing was the sound of the heater.  That awful money draining necessity has not been on all day. 
I grabbed a book off the shelf and settled down near the fire, kicked my feet up and could not help the little smile that was spreading from ear to ear.
As always when a storm blows in something gives birth. This little buck and doe are the new arrivals to the Mini Farm and are doing great.  


  1. We don't have a furnace. All we have is a wood stove. Yes I love it, but there are times I would love to just turn up the thermostat. heheeh. Love the pics of the babies.

  2. congrats on the babies no problems I hope looks like they are doing good and yes it is nice to have those quite days when you can settle back and reflect about things instead of having to be meeting yourself coming and going enjoy be safe tomorrow

  3. Lucky you! We got the cold and lots of wet, but no fluffy white stuff!

    We had 1-1/2 inches of rain by this morning and heavy winds last night took the top off of that dead tree next to the house. Fortunately for us, the downed branches did not land on the house. What remains of the tree is not short enough (I think) to miss the house when it finally comes all the way down. Guess the good Lord pruned it back for us a bit.

    Be careful on the roads tomorrow. Flatlanders do NOT know how to drive in the white stuff.

    : )

  4. The photo is awesome! That's quite a dog you have there! He's as tall as the fence! We moved to FL from Wisconsin, and I have to say, I don't miss that white stuff! It looks great in your photo, and that's as close as I want to get! Have fun shoveling!!

  5. MDR,

    I just thought of something; You could use this photo as next year's Christmas card!

  6. That is a wonderful thing to be missing, isn't it?
    We're at -7 and our insde temp. is 69F, what a blessing this wood heat is :o) Now when we leave today for Cortney's work we'll bank the coals and stoke it with whole logs and pray to come home to a full bed of coals in which we can simply add another log or two and listen to it crack and the stove ping as the metal heats up again. We shouldn't drop to much in temp. as it's a still( no wind sub zero) and as long as there is no wind we fair well. Just in case the furnace is set at 55F.

    The babes are cute, how fun. Can't wait for warmer weather so we can get our eggs in the incubator.

    Blessings for your week, and be sure to take it slow and easy on those roads,

  7. Kelle,
    I can bet if it was -7 here my little fire place would not keep up with it. My goodness that is cold. The worst we are going to get this week is around 14 and that is tonight.

    Last year was the first year I shoveled snow in my life. It was fun but it is sure not something I would want to do all the time. The dog's name is Duke. He is a rescue Great Dane the oldest daughter brought home. He was starved and you could see every bone on his body. Duke is now up to 170 LBS and loving life. He is just way to big for a house dog. Good idea on the Christmas card.

    I don't know about your parts down there but these Flatlanders up here are plum crazy.
    I am glad there were no damages due to the natural pruning of the tree.

    The babies are great. We moved them into a more air tight area where they can stay warm and dry during this little winter episode we are having. Right now everything is so wet and nasty out there I wanted to at least give them a fighting chance.

    Tonight is one of those nights I think I will turn it up a little. This morning it was really cold and as I sit here right now, the fire is blazing and it is still only 60 degrees in the house. Just a little chilly but not to bad. I give it a couple of more hours and it should be right back to comfortable again.

    Thank everyone for their comments and have a safe and blessed week.