Sunday, January 2, 2011

And Then There Was Light

The big barn has power. I am not am electrician and am sure a real one would have done it in half the time but it does not matter now.
This was the first step in using the 30'X50' building for something other than storing junk. It also gives me the capability of building on bad weather days so no more excuses for me now.
The completed barn plans are;
1. Have eight 5'X8' Chicken breeder pens with outside runs.
2. A 20'X10' Enclosed tool shop area.
3. A 10'X10' Incubator room.
4. A 10'X10' Brooder room. 
5. A 10'X6' Worm farm area.
6 A 10'X10' Small fish farm area.
7. With all the space taken up I am trying to figure out where I am going to put the minnow tank.
I bet you this, it might not all get done this year but at least I have power down there now. 

If you are interested, here is the breakdown on the little project.
Materials                          Retail           Picked                            Saved
370' of 3/4" Conduit            $75.00          $75.00                            $0.00
1200# Mule Tape                $20.00          Trash Pile                        $20.00
1050' of #6 Wire                 $990.00        Trash Pile                        $990.00
75' of #12 Wire                   $35.00          Trash Pile                        $35.00
Trencher Rental                   $200.00        Dinner                             $200.00
Breaker Box                        $38.00          Trash Pile                        $38.00
50 & 20 amp Breakers $25.00          $8.00 (The 50 on Hand)     $17.00
J boxes, Plugs & Switches $14.00      $2.00 (Some on Hand)       $12.00
2 Shop Lights                      $40.00           From A Demoed Building    $40.00                    
 Totals                                 $1437.00         $85.00                          $1352.00

I don't put this cost breakdown up to brag or anything of the sorts. I put it up to show what scrounging, bartering and doing favors for other people can do to the overall bottom line of a project if your lucky. I admit, I lucked out on the wire. They were end pieces of a spool and could not be used on long 500' runs so they were trashed, all I did was ask.  

 If you were wondering, the bee boxes have dried and are put up till spring. I plan to order a 2 pound swarm in April so that gives me some more time to read and study about the little things.
I can't wait till get that cool looking hat they wear.

I had to wrestle this little thing this afternoon so we could make him a steer. I have not done that in years and I don't remember them being that strong. Maybe I'm just getting older, fatter and weaker. No it couldn't be that, he was just that strong.


  1. I am very impressed ...with the lights in the barn, the barn itself, and the final price tag on getting it all done. I am especially impressed with the $200 dinner that you bartered for the trencher rental. That must have been some meal!

    : )

  2. Would have loved to see a video of you wrestling with the calf. hehehehe

  3. WWRWH, Parents are the best. Instead of a trencher my Dad brought over the old tractor with a plow and dug the trench that way. It saved me $200 because I did not have any way of digging it but by hand. I asked what he wanted in return and he said just a dinner.

    SFG, I told the youngest to put the camera back in the truck before we started so I would not have anything to embarrass myself with later. I bet we would have a lot of views on u-tube if that movie existed.

  4. Wow.. now I have barn envy :)

  5. Is that like a barn crush? I tell you this, I sure would not want to put the work I am fixen to have to do on anybody. It would have been nice if the people before me would have had some of it done when I got here.
    Never mind, it would not have been the way I would want it and I would have to redo it anyway.
    Thank for the comment.