Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Before And After

 I admit it, this little build beat me up. This was the first big project this year and it was summer sense the last one so the muscle atrophy from a few months of really doing nothing is raising it's nasty head. Even I thought this was too big for just a day and a half.     
 We managed to meet the project goals this weekend and still had half the day today to devote to maintenance chores we needed to get done before the bad weather hits this week.
I will tell you this, one thing about projects is that it brings in the visitors and everyone is eager to lend a helping hand. Our friend Rhonda came down to just take a look at the progress and ended up working for a couple of hours helping the wife haul all the junk to the top. That in turn helped me by freeing me up to finish the doors. Thanks for all your help.  
After the weather clears back up and it dries out, the plan is to get back down there and get the outside runs built so we can get the chickens into their new home.
But first, next weekend we are making the run back to the old farm and finally take that little building down that my brother gave me months ago and haul it home. It has a new purpose, a goat barn.

I hope everyone has a great week.


  1. My, My, MY we get alittle wrapped up in our busy lives and look what you've gone and done! WOW! Looks GREAT!!!!! Don't forget that tool belt when you and your wife take that drive*wink*, just kidding :o)

    Can't wait to see all the new additions, we've been loving the goat baby pictures. Cortney is ooooh and awwwwwh-ing Mike is rolling his eyes( just a bit) as he's now decided to allow us to look into a dairy goat or two *wink*, this will tide us over until Button freshens in 2012. :o)

    Stay warm

  2. Thank yall for commenting.
    SFG, WWRWH, My Dad says that people in third world countries would love to live in something like this chicken coop. I do over do it just a bit sometimes.
    Kelle, If your going to make your soaps and cheese then I really suggest theses little Pygmys. Their milk so much more creamer than other goats and the soap, for me, is better for dry skin. Good luck with it and I bet you this, Mike might play tough but when one of these little things crawl up in his lap I bet you see him smile.