Sunday, January 23, 2011


Besides the obvious of making a small profit, one of the things I like about selling animals is all the visitors. This past week we have sold out of all the animals we needed to sell.
We had a large number of overstock animals we kept on hand and were just watching grow so we could pick the best of the best when we chose our breeding stock. Now the breeders are established and we are ready to move forward to the next stage.
But like I said, we have had a few people in and out of our gate this week and even though it was still a little muddy and cold, they all seamed to enjoy their visit here at the Mini Farm.
We had one guy go home and get his kids and bring them back so they could pet the goats and hold the rabbits. One lady got a kick out of a mini chicken that was trained to ride on your shoulder and everyone loved Lucy the goat and how she followed them around like a puppy.

It also helped that all weekend all of us have been outside cleaning, re-bedding, separating and organizing so to make it a little more appealing for the visitors and more comfortable for the animals.

 Have a good week and be safe.     


  1. You should open up a petting zoo, and take it around to different events. Make some cash. now thats a good idea.

  2. Anonymous, thank you for the comment. Even though that is a good idea and I do think you can make money from it, that is a pain in the butt. I have talked with some people who do it and they say they would not do it again if given the chance. What I would like to do is have the people come here. Like school kids on a field trip. I would not charge for that but that would be fun.

  3. Kind of like we had growing up huh, I still run into old friends that remember coming to our house.