Friday, January 7, 2011

Hit The Door Running

I did not get home till after dark today and when I did, I hit the door running.
I cannot figure out why this stocking up thing has consumed most of my thought for the past few days but it has.
I stopped by the lumber store on the way home to buy the necessary items for the new pantry build tomorrow. If everything goes right It shouldn't take to long to get it done. I will have to be kinda quick about it because of the rain that is moving in sometime after noon.
I could not wait to get home and get started with the deconstruction of the Frankenstein shelving units I had built and get everything out on the floor to inventory.  
I ended up having more food than what I thought. At first look I figured I could go for about three weeks to a month before being in trouble. After cleaning out all the nooks and crannies I bet I could add another couple of weeks to that. It is amazing what you can find under stacked up boxes. Hm, that makes me wonder if I have any T-Bone steaks left in the bottom of the freezer.  


  1. where you store is very important too hot they will explode too cold they will freeze and explode a dry dark 45 to 60 degrees is usually ok no barnes or garages attics are a no no root celers are perfect if they are kept dry just my cents worth of help

  2. If for no other reason to build the new pantry shelves, to take inventory of what you already have serves as a good case in point. Sometimes things get pushed into a back corner or to the bottom of the freezer and forgotten.Speaking of freezers we have two in dire need of defrosting but it will have to wait for a week or so until our cold snap passes through.
    Might I suggest you make a folder or what you have, listing how many of each and from their begin building your well stocked pantry. I use a pencil, this way you can make changes as things get used. I also put dates bought and the amount paid on each item( with a marker) This helps in several ways, it helps you keep your rotation easy, to see how fast you use up a particular item and it's helpful to see the increasing food prices. For example I went down into our pantry to get a can of coffee and it was dated 11-09 and the price paid was $3.99( Maxwell House)

    Can't wait to see the finished project, praying it all goes smoothly for you.
    Blessings for your weekend,

  3. Kelle, I did a spread sheet of every item I could think of and put columns; Goal amount, On Hand, # Needed and When updated. This is the same system WWRWH sent me and it works great. I just had to adjust it to my family and what we used but in general it is the same format. I plan to mark all items with the date and rotate to that. If we do not use the Goal amount in the allotted time frame then we will decrease that amount of the item on hand. Like I said before, storage is the biggest problem right now.

    Anonymous, The root cellar is in the plans to build but we are talking way off on that. The overflow (less used items)will be put in tubs, labeled and stored in a closet. (cool, dark place)

    Thank yall for the comments

  4. I wish I had half your energy, Redneck. By week's end, I'm whipped! I'm doing my darnedest right now to stay awake until YOF gets home at midnight. Not sure I'm gonna make it...


  5. WWRWH, I don't think it's energy. I had my yearly review at work this week and they said the one thing I needed to do was get the chip off my shoulder. I told them that they are mistaken a chip for drive, focus and determination. I then told them I could see why they would not be able to recognize it. Wow! Re-saying it sounds like I have that chip.
    Anyway, if I don't do what is on my mind then it drives me insane. The only way to get it out of my mind is to get it done. That's it.
    Thanks for the comment. Midnight, how does he get away with that? The wife would change the locks if I came home that late.