Sunday, January 16, 2011


 It was to nasty outside to do much today so we bummed around, sat by the fire, watched a little football and sold some chickens here and there. 
I hope it dries up some this week so I can get back to work on the breeder pens.

This is the wife's new little dog, Ellie May.

Have a great and blessed week.


  1. Awwwh! Ellie May is precious :o) Glad you got some time to rest and relax, sometimes I'm glad when weather forces us to relax*wink*


  2. The picture with the bow really made me laugh! Are you going to get some outfits for her too? :)

  3. Yall keep in mind, this is not me or anything about me. I still have my man card.
    Yes the wife does have outfits. As a matter of fact the little dog has more clothes than I do. She even has her own mini dresser.
    This is just an example of the stupid stuff I do to make the wife smile.
    Thank yall for your comments.