Monday, January 10, 2011

What's For Dinner?

 There has to be an easier way to beat the freezing temps..........
Al-A-Lucy is whats for dinner. She loves to stand right next to the fire, sometimes a little to long.


Cabin fever set in a little today so the wife and I decided to run into town and do a little storage stocking shopping. For sixty five dollars we were able to buy enough "on sell" food to last what we calculated as about two weeks. Adding this to our already stocked items puts us right at about two to two and half months worth. That's not bad for just starting out on all this.
This brings up a question I had for the wife. If sixty five dollars can feed us for two weeks when we are in a crunch, then why does a eight hundred dollar a month food budget only buys the necessities during the regular times?

My Mom sent me a website the other day that I have grown to enjoy reading. It fits the par as to what and where I am going with all this. The site  has a vast amount of reading material on getting prepared for "It" showing you everything from how to get your spouse on board with what your doing to what you need on hand in case anything might happen. 

The Survival Food Pyramid is a handy tool I found while looking around the site. It shows how to set your food storage up in stages so the task does not feel so overwhelming when you are starting out.

I am not affiliated with this site in any way nor did I get paid for this plug. I just figured it had a lot of useful information that could be of some help. 

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