Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Other Way Around

 My work called for the third day in a row and told me to just stay home. It is to wet and none of the contractors were working today so they did not want me to come in and just milk the clock. I thought is was the other way around. I thought I was was the one who called and told them I was not coming to work. I am out of vacation time now and possibly going into the negative this week. I hope they still pay.  

I refused to sit around and play on this dumb computer today. Yesterday I watched a full day of the Green Hornet marathon and felt my brain cells slowly dieing off. So this morning the wife and I made a trip in to town to buy some lumber so I could muscle my way through the cold to regain my manhood and start on the breeder pens down at the big barn.
I was able to scrape up enough money to at least get the lumber to frame up the floor. This is only half of the floor and I need to get this built so I can have storage room on top of the pens and clear out where the other half is going.    
In the area shown below there will be four 5X8 pens with each pen having an outside run of a 5X16. The plan is to house five hens and a rooster in each one. I think that is plenty of room for six chickens.

Like I said, once these four are built then another four will be added making a total of eight breeder pens. Doing the math, that is 40 breeder hens and 8 roosters. At a modest five eggs a week from each chicken that totals 200 weekly eggs from all the hens, right? If I set 160 eggs a month that will give me surplus of 640 eggs or 53 dozen I will need to get ride of each and every month.
Wow, I might need to re-figure if I need that many hens.

Tomorrow is the first real test run with the new grocery list system. The wife says it is no big deal and will handle it but I think she is down playing this complex organized machine I have created. We will see........


  1. That's a lot of eggs! Good luck with that!

  2. Gee, and I thought it was hard sometimes to find 'homes' for all of my 21 eggs/week!

    The floor framed up nice. You will be cutting holes in the barn walls to the outside runs? Will you use flaps of any kind to keep weather out? Just wondering.

  3. Looks good! If I ever get around to building a bigger barn, I would love to increase our chicken population. Right now I will just be happy for ours to get big enough to start laying. With my kids' newfound love of omelets, I am going through 1/2 dozen each morning.

  4. WWRWH, I am not sure on how I am going to do it just yet but yes the end result will be me cutting holes in the barn wall and still be able to close them up at night.
    SFG, STEVE, Thank yall for the comments