Monday, January 17, 2011

What And When

The wife and I have been going over what we are wanting to grow this year in the garden. Last growing season was our first year on the Mini Farm and I thought it was a little premature to start gardens, we did it anyway.

If you are long time reader then you know that last years harvest was a disaster. If we depended on our garden for our only food then I would not be over weight right now. With all that work and sweat I think the total take was some onions, one tomato, a couple of peppers, three cantaloupes and a squash.
We came up with all kinds of excuses on why the plants did not grow or if they did they did, they not produce any food. Excuses like the soil was not good enough, the water is poisoned , the plants burnt up because of no shade and my favorite, no bees to pollinate.
I have taken care of two out of the four. I have been working on the soil all winter and I will have bees not far away. As far as the other two excuses, I have yet to finish the large rain water system and the shade is manageable with just a little work.
At the moment we have five raised beds and trying to manage and fit all these plants into the small growing room is the biggest problem. We want to do so much this year to redeem ourselves from last years disaster and to prove that we still have a green thumb. I have three more beds to build in the plans but for right now the five is what we are starting with.

If this year turns out the same way the last one did then I am going to have to come up with new excuses on why. I have been thinking of some already. Here's some, "I didn't plant it in the right moon" or "I thought the wife was doing the watering" Either way, it won't be my fault.
That makes me laugh right there. 


  1. Weather extremes of one kind or another, bug invasions, plant disease brought on by one of the previously mentioned ...farming is NOT for the faint of heart and the weak of faith! Let's face it, vegetable gardening is just farming on a smaller scale. So buckle your seat belt, do your homework and prep work, and don't forget to pray for your harvest! You'll have good years and bad years. In the good years, you'll increase your stores. In less than good years, you'll usually increase your knowledge. Never a total loss.

    : )

  2. Sage advice from WWRWH. We are blessed with good soil here on our little farm, but that still doesn't keep the bugs away. I can just about beat that which ever vegetable I like the least is going to be the one that thrives. Case in point, squash. I'm not a huge fan, but my wife loves it. And of course each year we have TONS of it.

  3. Thank yall for commenting. Being a avid gardener and most of the time having a good crop, last year just took me for a surprise and humbled me some. With a new attitude and respect for the green thumb, maybe this year will be different.