Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is it Luck?

I was sitting here at the computer yesterday evening going over the budget and trying to figure out how I was going to find the money to finish the breeder pens down at the big barn. As a time frame goes, I need to have all the breeder chickens down there and settled by the first of March.
The budget was not bending in the way I needed it to and I could not find even a penny to more around to use for the whole month of February. It was not looking good.
I already made the materials list and priced everything out so I knew how much I needed to find to make it work. It came up to $325.00 with tax to finish the project but I probably could have cut some corners and took about fifty dollars off that, but still there was no way.
Right then the phone rang. 
It was my brother who lives down at the old farm and he said I had some mail I needed to pick up. I have not lived down there in over five years and figured it be just junk. He went on to explain that what he also thought was junk mail and was on the verge of throwing it in the trash was actually a check from a bank I used over seven years ago. They were refunding me some money because they over charged me on some things. The check was printed out for $347.00

You know I have scratched my head and said "well I be" more this year than I have ever done in my life. Was it luck, I don't think so. What I do think is I am right where I am suppose to be doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing and it would real hard to convince me any otherwise.
He is so good.    


  1. Amen and hallelujah, Redneck, that is very cool! I think I like that bank you used to do business with. Imagine them even bothering to correct a mistake they made several years ago ...that's amazing!

    God doesn't promise to give us everything we WANT but He does promise to provide for all our NEEDS.

    : )

  2. Amen! That is awesome. He even made sure you had a little extra :)

  3. Truly amazing! I can't wait to see photos of the finished job.

  4. That's great!!!! Isn't it funny how things like that happen? lol

  5. Thank yall for the comments. This weekend the plan is to use the money for the reason it was given to me. I don't think I will be able to get it all done but I bet I put a good dint in it.