Sunday, August 7, 2011

That's What I Like About Sundays

What is there not to like about Sundays? Except the fact it is the day before Monday, it is the perfect day.

I was able to sleep in a little this morning, but in doing that made it where it was already to hot to get out and do much.That's ok, I really didn't want to anyway.
After breakfast everyone got all prettied up and we went to refill our spiritual tanks this morning. It was much needed due to the fact I had not been in two weeks because of the sickness that has been running  throughout this house. I think we kicked it's bacterial butt for now (knock on wood). Everyone is over it.

After church we did a little cleaning  and started getting ready for another hot, dry week. I sure did not want another weekend to go to waste like the last one did so I decided to finish up doing some much needed prepping stuff.
I had to re-figure our Bug out bag a little. There is just way to much stuff for five people to live for 72 hours that you can put into a backpack. To remedy this I put all the "Keep me alive" stuff in the backpack and put all the food and water stuff in another. They both now have a place next to the front door tied together just in-case someone forgets to grab both, they will drag the other one right along with them. Smart hu?

The youngest and I also filled another dehydrator today with more seasoned okra. The last batch of these little tasty bites lasted only a day and I didn't even get any. This batch, if I can get to it in time, will be placed into vacuum sealed bags and put into the BOB #2.
I also learned I can not only eat these the way we have been, but I can also reconstitute these and put them in rice for a nice jumbo. One reader said the okra will come back as good as new, slime and all.  Being that they are already seasoned makes it all the better.   

Yall have a good week and try your best to stay cool.
Now I need to figure out what I am going to do about BOB #3, the clothes bag. I'm telling ya, try packing for five people for three days and have everything to just survive on. It is a real chore. I swore I would not have more than one bag, but it just ain't gunna happen.


  1. #3 - Socks and underwear. Just saying.

  2. there are 5 people that you need to fix a BOB for right? would it work if you had one for each person ie/ their cloths and their personal necessities and their toilettries they are responsible for grabbing THEIR BOB this way they will feel like they are inportant to the family and are helping to pull their weight make sure they have poncho or windbrakers never know about this texas weither then you have room for food either in a seperate one of its own or distributed among the other bags don't forget meds and first aid food and water could be put in a cooler with wheels in case you have to walk a ways it can be pulled instead of carried gm is a good thing to have keeps the mouth busy and mind off of being thirsty or hungry all the time like teens are haha the bag with the first aid kit in you could sew a red cross on the bag so no searching need be done ok gotta go to bed now God bless all of you and turn this over to christ and he will protect your daughter I now he will keep cool
    prayers for your daughter and all of your fgamily through this time of concern

  3. 1- I like the idea about attaching the bug out bags together. With six girls, I'll bet that will come in handy for us.

    2- I never thought about dehydrating okra. I dehydrated canned corn out of boredom one day. It was a huge hit. It was crunchy and sweet. The kids loved it! Now I wanna try okra!

    3- When you're ready to have your blog contest, I'd love to sponsor a Home Depot card like I'm doing for SciFiChick. Just let me know when and I'm in!

  4. Genevieve - That is the first two that is on the list.

    Anonymous - I can see it now. We all have evacuated and sitting at our meeting place and I look around and I am the only one with a bag. I ask where everyone’s bags are at and all I get in return is "I told her to grab it", or "I could not find mine" or "I thought you grabbed it". Yup, I know my kids way to well.
    As far as the list, the bags are complete and ready to go. Now it is just the clothes issue I need to work out.
    The medical issues have been turned over to him. We still are worried of course but we know his will be done. Thank you for your thoughts.

    TOJD -
    1. Thank you.
    2. You will love it.
    3. I will keep that in mind, thanks. I will be contacting you on some more questions.

    Thank yall for the comments and please continue.