Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Don't Panic, I Know What to Do

A while back I watched a TV series that was called King of the Hill. I am sure you all have heard of it. I loved the show because me and Hank could have been brothers and it was all about Texas living.

In this one episode, It was winter and Hanks family and all his co-workers from the Propane store were having a BBQ outside in a nearby park. They were using tall propane area space heaters to stay warm and the show had the people in short sleeve shirts and shorts. Bobby (Hanks son) was standing there and he noticed something fell on his arm. He studied it for a second and said, "That's a funny looking ash".  Peggy (Hanks wife) looked at Bobby's arm and said "Bobby, propane does not give off ash. That's not ash, that's snow!". The whole crowd stopped what they were doing turned and had fear in their eyes. Then with panic in her voice Peggy hollered out "Everyone stay calm, I have seen this once before and I know what to do". Then just like Texas drivers, everyone panicked, got in their cars and started sliding all over the roads.

I say all that because that was the first thing that came to mind this morning on my way into work. I was driving down the road when something started hitting my windshield. Usually I have to wash it once or twice on my way in from all the bug guts anyway but this was something different. I thought to myself "What is that?" as I studied the front glass for several seconds and then it hit me. It was sprinkles. Not enough to even turn on my wipers but they were there and it was wet.
The first thing I thought was "Don't panic, I have seen this before"


  1. With everything that has happened the last couple of weeks, I fully expected you to tell us it was snowing today in Texas. I'm not really sure it would have surprised me.

  2. as per your answer about the bags I figured you would have tied them together like you did the others

  3. Are you sure it wasn't bug pee.

  4. Matt - You know, you say that as a joke but this is Texas.

    Anonymous - That would put a total of four bags all tied together. The BOB, The F/W bag, Kids Clothes bag and me and the wife's bag. My solution is, the clothes bags will stay in the truck under the back seat. That way they are with us no matter where we are at.

    Stephen - That's what was throwing me off. It usually is.

  5. The rest of the country can poke good natured fun at our lack of rain these days, but it will rain in Texas again and when it does, it will be a GULLY WASHER!

    : )

  6. We did the same thing not to long ago. It was a strange site indeed.

    @Matt - You never know here in Texas

    @HossBoss - I can't wait.

  7. Hope you get a lot of rain. I remember your pictures of the ground all cracked and broken.

  8. Send it East ways closer to the border. We could use it also. Hope you get lots more rain.

  9. HossBoss I hope your right.

    Genevieve - LOL

    ATH - Yes, they have gotten bigger now too.

    Sharon - It was not even worth it. All it would have done was made you mad. Yesterday the rain clouds went right to the North of us. So close we could smell it.
    Thanks for your comment.

  10. I cannot believe nobody commented on my fantastic visual aid using King of the Hill. It is a classic episode.