Sunday, August 28, 2011

Redneck Women

 The cool thing about having a Redneck woman is that it does not take a lot of money and going to fancy places to make her happy.
Home Made Margarita Machine

Being that our good friends D&R have their anniversary in the same week, the past several years we celebrate both of ours on the same day. Last night the girls wanted to be wined and dined so my buddy Dave and I showed them the town.

First we took them to a nice little restaurant just to show them we care and then to a pool party another friend of ours was having. After just a few minutes of shaking hands and listening to the band we made our escape and stopped off at the pool hall for a few games of billiards, then later back to the pool party to watch and laugh at all the intoxicated people. It was great.

It is amazing what a couple of three hours can do to a party. The people we shook hands with that were all prim and proper just a few hours ago were now three sheets to the wind.
Our two wives sat around in the hot tub laughing at the harlets while me and my buddy Dave were trying to figure out the engineering marvel of the home made Margarita machine. It is powered by a garbage disposal. Truly an amazing wonder.

Both of our wives had a great time on our cheap date night.
Redneck Women are the best.  


  1. Nothing better than a redneck woman. I should know. I am one! lol

  2. Now I got that song "Redneck Girl" by the Bellamy Brothers going through my mind... :-)

  3. SFG - Then you are a kepper, lol

    Matt - Glad I could help

    Thanks for the comments.

  4. Red is a great color for a woman :)
    Seriously, my idea of a night on the town is dinner at the local cafe. That's enough for me. I'd rather be home than anywhere else.

    Glad you had a good anniversary!


  5. Redneck women make redneck men almost appear intelligent. Like that machine too. Needs a salt rim.

  6. It's good to have a good woman to helf you. I know, I lost one to cancer a few years back and I found another. I am new to the blog world but I enjoy it. I put a link to your site on mine, seems you have good info and enjoyable reeding.

  7. Red Woman - I do wish I did not have to be so cheap though. I would love to give her a weekend spa package or spend the week in the Hamptons. That is really not my style but I am sure she would like it once.

    Stephen - I would not bet on all Rednecks being unintelligent. Maybe I am just reading your comment wrong.

    Duke - Man, sorry to hear about your loss. Thanks for commenting and welcome to MDR and the blog world. I will do the same.

  8. MDR, your are right, I didn't say that very well...meant to say Redneck women are the intelligent side of a redneck couple...they, make us redneck men 'appear' smarter than we really are...better? Sometimes I just need to shut da heck up.

  9. Stephen - I have never known you to say anything bad, that is why I thought I was reading it wrong and yes you are right, She does bring up the IQ in the room whenever she walks in. I sometimes get those looks when I say something. You know, the look that says "Really"
    Thanks for the comment.

  10. Getting out once in awhile makes a big difference. We don't have any pool halls or honky tonks, the Baptists have that banned in our county. But my wife and I have a nice little restaurant we like to go to and it does wonders for morale.

  11. Not only are Redneck Women simple but we like it that way. Those fancy things are just that. We don't need them. Love is above all what we want. It sounds like you gave her that a long long time ago. Best friends and love.

    Harriet and I always have problems figuring out what to do to celebrate our anniversary. We live what we consider the perfect life for us. There is really nothing that can top what we already have.

  12. So I felt a little guilty today after you asked me why I hadn't read your blog yet. So, I found sometime in the schedule for ya. Gotta say, not half bad. Haven't even gone in that far and I already found something I identify with... a homemade margarita machine. Very cool! Anyway.. keep em coming, ill be watching.

  13. HH - Best Friends and Love id just about all I can afford.

    YPF - I am glad you finally made it. I got tired of hearing you say you would so I had to guilt you into it.
    Come back when you can stay a while.