Thursday, August 11, 2011

So Close, But Yet.........

I could see it!

I could feel it!

I could smell it!

I could hear it!

It blew in and dropped the temperature almost 20 degrees.
It looked good and It felt good and It only dropped 10 sprinkles then moved right back out.  
I can't remember the last time I was this disappointed.


  1. Maybe tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed for ya!

  2. Thanks Mike. I have my shoes off and crossing the toes also.

  3. I sincerely understand the grief as I can hardly remember the last rain we have had. Drought driven days have found much of a nation loosing crops, selling off livestock and wild fires that spread across many states. Even Tropical Strom Don which was expected to hit the Texas Gulf Coast turned leaving the lower states teased by the hopes of rain. However, it will come, the question merely remains "WHEN"

  4. It does that all the time over here in GA. Of course we aren't in quite the dire situation you folks are, but I know the feeling. Praying for y'all!

  5. Cowboy - Thank for the comment. I invite you to hit the follow button and become a member of the MDR family. I just read your profile and we have a lot of interests in common. When it cools down I plan to dust off and be doing a lot of dutch cooking. I was going to start my own dutch oven cooking group up here but I did not find much interest. Thanks again for the comment.

    Alex - The last time I saw GA was in my rear view mirror. I pushed the bottom out of Ft. Benning GA let me tell you.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

  6. Sounds like Arizona weather... that has happened more times than I can remember this year. Sure am praying that you guys get some rain soon.

  7. Thanks for the thoughts King. Maybe it will all come to an end quickly.

  8. This time it was closer to you. I was graced with clouds throughout the day but none of them with a drop of rain. I am grateful for the cooler temps as well as the cloud covered shade. I only wish these allergies were not kicking my butt so I could have gotten more done.

  9. MDR, like the rest, I'm praying for 'ya. Before you know it a frog-straggling rain will hit.
    BTW, you should taste my Dutch over peach cobbler.

  10. Genevieve - That is the one good thing about the clouds, no sun. It was nice to open the windows and let the breeze air the house out a bit.

    Steven - Thank you for your thoughts.
    How well do you think that will ship.