Friday, August 5, 2011

House Guests

I was standing right inside the back door looking out and watching the heat waves float across the horizon when all the sudden a lone Blue Jay flew by and hovered right above the ground. I was fascinated by this little bird and wondered why it was just hovering around. Then the darnedest thing happen. All the sudden he pulled out some little oven mitts, put them over his little feet and then landed.
I say that as a joke but you should see the chickens. They stay under the one tree we have because it is the place where we wet the ground down and have fresh cool water. When they decide to go to the barn they all line up at the shade line, hike up their wings and take off running not stopping till they get to the other shaded area. It's like watching people walk on hot coals.

Even though we have fans and ice bottles available, we had a rabbit die yesterday. The youngest was heart broken because she works so hard to keep everything cool. She called me crying and the only thing I could say was, it was not her fault. So with a heavy heart I oked the transport of all the rabbits into the house.

 I told them to make sure the cage had a bottom and it is to be cleaned every day. We will see how long it lasts.

 Now I have goats and rabbits both in the house. I have one of these bottle babies spoken for and I still need to find a home for the other one. (hint, hint) I will even give you some milk and a bottle to start you off with.


Side note:
Please keep my middle daughter in your thoughts and prayers. She has to go see a cardiologist on the 15th and we are scared to death. I told her not to worry, I'll do enough for the both of us.


  1. Sending prayers and good mojo your way! Our heat wave finally broke and we got some rain yesterday. Hope the winter is not as bad as I think it is going to be...

  2. Denise, bring that good mojo on. Thanks for your thoughts.
    I am planning for a bad winter myself.

  3. Sending prayers for your middle one. It is sad how many animals perish in this heat. I am thinking about giving my chickens crushed ice so they will quit laying hard boiled eggs. But seriously I have moved several of my stock in the garage with two window units working around the clock. It works but my electric bill is gonna kill my wallet. Again prayers and best wishes for your daughter. Tigerman

  4. Thanks for the thoughts Tigerman, This is something that just came up so it is taking everyone by surprise.
    AC in the garage, I never really thought of that. I guess if I had one then I would do it.

  5. Prayers for your daughter, and for all your family.

  6. Major prayers for the youngest, and you yourself, worrying too much will cause more harm than good. After reading about the heat down there, it doesn't seem to be that bad here. Only 101 today, so no more complaining from me.

  7. Ah, man, a heart doctor at her age - bless her heart. I will pray.

  8. John - Thanks buddy

    KingAzjay - You tell me, no matter how spiritual a person might be, how a daddy cannot worry like that for his baby.
    101 is still to hot for me. Really anything above 90 and I don't like it one bit.

    Mandy - Thanks for your thoughts.

    Stephen - Yup, we are praying really hard that no surgery will be involved.

  9. Lots of prayers for your daughter and all of you, MDR. Worry is counterproductive but telling a parent not to worry when their child's health is in question is like telling them not to blink. Just balance the worry with prayer. Be grateful that the concern was recognized and you're seeing a specialist for it. Lots of health issues in youngsters are missed altogether because we never expect it from the younger set. Many prayers for all of you. Keep us posted.

  10. It's always a bummer when you lose an animal. Hope your daughter cheers up. We are having quite the opposite problem in the Pacific NW, very cool, wet and windy. Gardens are not yielding as much and just about everything is 2-3 weeks late this year.

    Hope all goes well with your daughter's appointment. I'll keep her in my prayers.

  11. HossBoss - Thank you for your prayers. I will keep you posted. She is feeling fine now, just in a lot of pain. She is still going to work everyday but the doctor has made it where she cannot play sports. I think that is what she is most upset about.

    Rose - Thanks for the comment. Being that our gardens are all dried up and gone, I would take your slow production anyday.
    Best of luck with your yields and thanks for the prayers. I will check out your blog. Have you hit the MDR follow button yet?

  12. Prayers for all of your family including the little critters too.

  13. I hope everything comes out ok. We will be praying for you here.

  14. Genevieve - Thank you for the thoughts and prayers.

    SFG - Thank you.

  15. Hope everything goes good with the doctor's appointment.We will be praying for you guys! The heat finally broke here. Now we just need to get this hit or miss rain to hit us.We are prepping the ground for fall crops.

  16. You have to do what you have to do. This heat is causing misery all across the South and being flexible is the only way to keep things together.

    I hope your daughter is ok. My daughter has a medical problem, I know what it is like to be the father, all the things that having a sick child brings on you.

  17. coley - Thank you for your thoughts.
    They say we have another month or so before it breaks here. I am still waiting to get everything ready for the fall gardens. They might go in late this year.

    ATH - Thank you for your thoughts. We will see just how bad it is on the 15th.